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Chapter 1

7:38 am What time is it? Why am I still here? What's the point of all of this? Where is she? Dammit! I'm screwed! I jumped out the bed knowing that my sis said to meet her at 8 am! I didn't even care to take a shower. I put on some new clothes and dashed out of the house. It's a long walk to the graveyard but it'll be worth it. The atmosphere around me was... sad. It's not usual... this is bad.

Later, I made it to the graveyard. I saw my sister in her usual black hoodie and black shorts. I miss seeing that.

"Hello," She said with a big smile. Her smiles are contagious and that's what made her so great. Well, it's not only that.

"So guess what? People at school have been being jerks. I don't like it..." Suddenly she was starting to cry.

"What do they do?" I asked. It was silent for a few minutes and all we could hear were the birds chirping and the cars passing by.

"They... beat me..." she said. I wasn't moved honestly. She always dealt with this stuff so she shouldn't be so sad about it.

"You should be used to it! Stop being weak. You wasted my time." I walked away while she started sobbing even harder than before.

Jeez, that was interesting. I went back home and went back to sleep. I kinda feel guilty but she said to visit tomorrow. Me and Maria. Twins. We're twins and she is always at the graveyard by the tree with a rope. Weird tree huh?

9:00pm "Nox wake up!" A voice said. I opened my eyes and saw my girlfriend Polly. "Your sister is in a very bad mood because of you! You two have never made each other cry! What the fuck did you do to her!?"

"..." I was silent.

"HUH? Oh, so you don't know? Well i'm not letting this slide! You're gonna fucking apologize! After all shes done for you! She saved you from death countless times and she even killed he-" I cut her off knowing what she was about to bring up. Bad times eh?

"Alright alright, shut up! I get it! Let us go I guess."

We walked there slowly but the entire time no one was walking around, no cars either.

"It sure is hollow here." Polly said.

I held her hand because I could see her shaking. She slapped me?

"Don't fucking touch me," Polly said.

What the hell? How mad is this bitch? I was about to hit her back but men don't do that. Right?

"You should have killed yourself! I'm only with your pathetic ass to keep you alive you bitch! Your sister wouldn't have..."

I froze. My eyes started watering with sadness, rage, and truth.

"Don't fucking cry now! You've hurt her so much! I'm sick of it! I've hated you all my fucking life because she had to deal with your shit! You bullied her every fucking day! You beat the shit out of her every fucking day! Don't lie to people saying that you love her because ya fucking don't!"

I reached into my back pocket.

"Me and her were a thing! Me and her were dating! SHE KILLED HERSELF BECAUSE OF YOU!!!

I jabbed my knife in her throat. I was done with her shit. She was gasping for air while I was saying the last thing she would hear.

"I'm not the bad guy," I stated talking while sobbing. "I'm not the reason. I swear! I didn't beat her. I didn't. I didn't. I didn't."

"It's okay... you're okay... I love..." Her eyes shut.

I realized I was too busy talking to myself. I couldn't tell her...fuck. I hugged her body and picked it up. I carried her on my back and continued walking to the graveyard. After a few minutes of walking, I realized that it was taking longer than usual to get there. My chest got tight. I could barely breathe. It felt like I was on a noose. I started to hear faint whispers and it took me a while to understand them but I figured it out.

That's how it felt. It gets worse. Hurts doesn't it? The voice sounded like Maria's. It was slowly getting worse every second. It hurt like hell. I wanted to die already! When will it end?

"You... can do it..." Polly said. The fuck!? I thought I killed her! I smiled and this time it was real. I was glad she was alive.

After 2 hours, It started getting cold... it felt like it was -20 ℃. I started to cry due to all of the pain. I couldn't bare it anymore! Damn you, Ceaser! I ripped a part of my t-shirt and set Polly on the concrete ground. She was still conscious. I bandaged her up.


I smiled but didn't reply.

"I love you Polly. I loved Maria too. I can't stand this pain anymore. I'm done." I started jabbing the knife into my stomach rapidly staring at the tree.

12:37 pm Polly

I watched as he fell to the floor. He died. He committed suicide. Now, who am I going to love? They were all I had. I stared at Maria's hanging body. Twins... I walked back home and ignored everything that happened here today.

I started crying into my pillow because I feel guilty for what I and Maria had just done to this poor man.

"He deserved death. He destroyed my life. He made my friends kill there self and twins have to share their pain. So don't cry for a slut loser like that." Maria said.

"I disagree." I said.

She slapped me and beat the hell out of me, causing me to have a fractured bone in my arm.

"Now get some rest. Don't ever argue with me you little shit." Maria said.

Maria... I'll make sure your saying hits you in the gut. "Twins have to share the same pain" right? I'll make sure of that.

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