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U7C draft[]

Unnatural 7 Creations Documentation

The Unnatural 7 Creations are seven "objects" created by and unknown creature object force that fall under a similar enough categorization to be part of the same entity. Each of the Seven Creations have different nicknames and formal names. The first Creation discovered wasn't given a name initially, but soon after the second Creation was discovered then named it Creation-A by the ████ Organization who also contained Creation-A and Creation-B. The company soon fell apart due to lack of funding.


The first Creation was found in 18██ and was later found to have connections to [Redacted]. The Creation, after a few name changes, had its name formally changed to Creation-α (Pronounced Alpha). This is a recovered quote from an unknown personnel who was part of the containment team for Creation-α. "This Creation Does not seem to have a solid form unless [Redacted] and [Redacted]. These restrictions make it nearly impossible to document. No soul has ever seen its solid form, much less touched it." Details of what Creation-α looked like weren't documented, or were lost during [Redacted]. The instructions to bring it into a solid state of matter where also lost during [Redacted]


There is a single documented case of this Creation. It has been officially recognized by [Redacted]. This Creation was believed to be found in 18██. It was formally named Creation-β (Pronounced Beta) but this Creation quickly gained the nickname "Creation-bulls***" from the lack of evidence of it. After it was officially recognized this nickname became obscure. A quote from [Redacted] displays the only evidence of this Creation. "It was like a wisp of smoke, whenever I was near it made me feel empty. No word could describe it. As soon as it was nearby I started feeling nonexistent, empty, and as if my mind was drifting off as I was falling asleep" It is unknown if this Creation ever existed but it was officially recognized and whatever evidence was used to prove it was lost.



Additional Notes


The Creation-α seems to have ties to all of the Creations. This is the only Creation that was proven to be turned into a solid state of matter.


Creation-β is the essence of nothingness. It is effectively a void. It seems to be nothing and seems to be something.

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