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Hey guys I just bought a Super Mario Bros. cartridge, but when I got it it looked old and beat up, so I went and fixed it up to be brand new, so lets begin the game shall we?

-places the cartridge in the Nintendo NES game system-

{Super Mario Bros. Theme plays from TV as the title flashes onto the screen, but the musical notes were off on tone}

Huh that's and odd way for the theme to play... but never the less it sound very cool! {presses start but the screen went to a caped Mario that had his head down and a key in his hand looking at a Yoshi egg that failed to hatch and no music played with exception of an eerie static that increased in volume and sad somber music}

{that's when a text box appeared below Mario and actual voice that sounded like Mario said}

"It's such a crime that you'll never be able to see the real world young one, for this fate of your, so, so cruel and unfair, but yet you are one in many victims of a situation like this...."

{Mario looked to me and completely broke the 4th wall}

"Wouldn't you agree that it's a tragedy for someone to be trapped in a situation like this poor Yoshi?"

[two choices appear}

[yes] [no]

I chose yes, because I had a little brother that died the same way he never made it out of birth and I was in tears as I stared at the screen.

{Mario looked down then back at the me}

"I have the feeling as if you lost somebody that was going to be very important, didn't you..."

I looked to the screen and nodded as I was crying my eyes out.

{Then a little bit of distorted yet hopeful music played as Mario grinned and said}

"I can give you a way to see him again... all you have to do is trust me... do you trust me?"

{Mario held out his empty hand and the two choices showed up yet again} I chose yes and closed my eyes.

{Mario's face melted and he was no longer the friendly Mario and he reached out and his hand come out of the TV as a real hand and arm and grabbed me and started to drag me in} I didn't care I just wanted to be able to see my would have been brother.

I got my wish..Mario granted my wish I got to see my little bro, i gave him the most love I could've ever gave not paying attention to my dead body out of the screen in the real world.. I was so happy.

{Mario looked to me and said}

"It is done, you can be with him forever now, go, go and love him" {Mario shedded a tear}

I faded out into the blackness with my brother with a big fat smile on my face

{Mario looked out of the screen and wrote in blood that could be seen from the real world and the writing said}

He's In a better place now.

{Mario, stepped back into the blackness out of visual and the theme resumed but it was just the black screen with the writing on it}

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