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Vincent's Mask. (Draft)[]

(A.U.: If you're wondering this story isn't about the regular bullying it's more about peer pressure and trying to be someone you're not, but ending up with consequences. Thanks.)

"Vincent's masks, or well known as Deer Skulls, are two creatures roaming around north of the United States (ex: WY, MT, UT, etc.). Sightings of both are uncommon but have happened the most on the border of Wyoming and Utah. A man by the name-..."

I clicked off the TV, there was no point in watching it anymore. I'd heard enough lies about me and Hart. I got up from the couch and walked over to the bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror and dragged a comb across my wavy brown hair. I looked at myself one more time before walking out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. I stood in front of the rusty fridge looking through it,

Let me backtrack.

The year is 2019, junior year of college. Most of my "Friends" at the time were in senior year, and since it was close for school to end they would be graduating. I was going to parties here and there because this was the last month to hang out with friends. In those range of parties there was one bonfire thing that I went to. Most people there I did know, it was a completely new set of people. In those people there was a guy we'll call Kyle. From just that one party I could figure out that Kyle was a social guy, on the popular side, a bit intimidating, and a jerk to some extent. In the party my friend Morgan pulls me aside and says,

"Hey, me and a few other people are going to this other bonfire in the woods later, wanna come?"

I am super oblivious to the fact that we don't know these people and say,

"Yeah sure I got time."

Morgan and I party a bit longer, watching other people get highly drunk, and decide to leave. We walk out the backdoor and she throws her drink aside. I watch as she climbs the fence and jumps over.

"Come on, Vini!"

I throw my drink aside, still confused, and jump the fence like Morgan did. I follow her through the woods to a clearing, a fire was started and a few people sat in folded chairs on the sides. Morgan walks up to the fire.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey, Morgan. Hey, Vincent."

People greet us then one of the guys stands up, his face then illuminated by the light, its Kyle.

"Hey guys, I found this creepy ritual thing on the internet and it looks easy to do. Wanna try?"

Everyone second guesses it for a second and mutually agrees, except me

"What about you, Vini? Or are you just gonna stand there like a pussy?"

I stood there, not answering Kyle. I wanted to be accepted, and if I didn't i wouldn't be liked. No one would love me anymore. Morgan nudged me and gave me a look that said: :Answer him!!

"Oh.. uh sure. I guess Ill join in.."

Kyle gave me a stupid smirk and we carried on. A few minutes went by of us setting up stuff that Kyle told us to. We all got things set up and then Kyle turned to me.

"So Vini, you gonna lead us?"


"I mean someone has to stand in the middle of the circle."

I thought for a moment, when another guy pushed me into the circle. Kyle then smirked and said,

"I knew you wanted to Vini."

"But I didn't-.."

"Ok, so what we do first is start chanting this weird thing. Its named, baba'olashie (baba-o-lash-ie)."

Kyle explained how we pronounce it, then the rest of the people got in a circle. They held hands and started chanting the name, I looked around clueless of what they were doing. The woods started spinning in my eyes, and I saw eyes everywhere I looked. The chanted it one final time, seeing a large creature before me.

I fell to the ground. I couldn't take it.

Next thing I know I wake up in a bed. It's exactly the same as my own, except, the door was open. The creature was in the doorway, watching over me.

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