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Wanted for Ruin[]

Some “normal” children who grow up to be adults have a pretty good life and aren’t usually traumatised, right? Well… I always wished that I was normal as a child, but as time went on I realised that the ones who think they are “normal” are the weirdest of them all and that there was no such thing as “being normal”, it took me an unforgivable amount of time to realise that, but it isn’t my fault, tons of children are usually misinformed by society, and that's where I start my childhood story.

Being around the age of 6-7, I was an obnoxious child, but don’t get me wrong, a lot of children below and above that age are like that, so it was expected of me and like all children, I was a bit too much to handle. Then at the age of 13 my parents let me walk around the neighbourhood with my friends, the neighbourhood wasn’t that large and everyone knew each other and looked out for each other and the children, plus, word got around very quickly like it was a plague.

Me and my friends loved to walk in the woods except for one of us whose name was Ethan. He was younger than me at the time and he had a bit of breathing difficulties, so he had to keep an inhaler with him at all times. I remember him having short, brown-ish hair that would sometimes get in his face, it was adorable. He had green eyes that would sparkle when he was excited but he gets nervous easily, especially when we walk into the woods. The woods were pretty thick and it was huge, so we got lost easily, but as long as we all stuck together, we’d be alright! Ethan always hung around me when we got lost, he'd cling to my arm or t-shirt and he’d make the cutest little face when he did that. Rumour got around that me and Ethan were dating, but we both dismissed the idea of it.

As a couple of years passed, a lot of my friends moved to different states and transferred to other schools. Ethan and I made an oath to always stick together no matter what. We both gave each other our phone numbers and socals in case we got split up because of moving or in case we were in danger.

Every day me and Ethan would walk around the woods, remembering our past friendships with old school friends and laughing about how dorky we were as kids, we even found our old tree house! We climbed up the ladder carefully because it was so old that the ladder might break, but once we got up there we explored the old tree house, there were comics neatly piled on a small bookshelf that we had hoisted up there, I remember telling everyone that we should have made a pulley elevator so it would be much easier to bring stuff up into the tree house. As we continued to look around, I noticed a gameboy colour sitting on a hammock with a few old pokemon games sitting next to the old console, I pointed it out to Ethan.

“Hey, Ethan, look! Isn’t that Danyon’s old Gameboy?” I asked. He looked at it and his eyes sparkled. A happiness formed inside of me once I saw that familiar sparkle in his eyes that I had loved for years. He walked to the hammock and picked up the old console, it was slightly dusty, making Ethan need to take his inhaler. He then put the Gameboy in his jacket along with the games.

“Ok, so how about we scavenge around here for things we can take with us since this place is gonna collapse at some point.” Ethan proposed.

I agreed, the tree house hasn’t been used in years, so why not grab the stuff that was our former friend’s belongings as souvenirs or reminders of our past friends. I grabbed the stack of comic books and a few glass figurines of clowns, I was careful to not break them since they belonged to Luna, she was a badass friend and wasn't afraid to beat your ass.

“You ready to go back?”

“Yea..” I said softly.

As Ethan walked down the ladder I took one more look around the tree house. Once Ethan was on the ground, I handed Ethan the stuff I had wanted to take so I could walk down the ladder. I hopped onto the ground with a grunt. As we walked through the woods we talked about how our life’s been and what we thought our childhood friends were doing with their lives.

“Maybe Danyon is a video game tester.” Ethan said jokingly,

I rolled my eyes and agreed. Danyon was obsessed with video games, almost to the point where it was his number one priority every day, though it had gotten him into trouble with the teachers. As we walked we noticed a quarry that we had never seen before during our years of wandering through the woods.

“Hey Ethan, maybe we should explore that quarry!” I said as my curiosity consumed me.

Ethan looked hesitant, but he had agreed since he knew I would want to explore a new area. We walked towards the huge body of water, it was crystal clear, there was no trash in or around the water, it was very pretty and serene like it would be the best place for a party or to shoot fireworks or maybe even for a house to be build close to the quarry.

“Wow.. It’s so pretty..” Ethan said softly, his eyes sparkling again.

I felt butterflies in my stomach and I became anxious, I wanted to tell him.. But I just couldn’t for some unknown reason. After a moment of looking at the quarry, I felt someone forcefully push me into the deep water. My heart pounded heavily as I gasped for breath. I finally swam out of the water, I coughed up some water and stood up.

“Why the hell did you do that?!” I yelled at Ethan. He was tooken aback by my sudden outburst.

“Wha- I didn’t do it!” He yelled back.

“Oh so some “magical” force pushed me in there!?” Ethan got quiet but then muttered that he didn’t do it. I sighed and apologized by hugging him. He had almost dropped the items he was carrying, but he managed to somehow hug me back.

As I stood there, I started to feel like I has holding nothing, I opened my eyes and noticed that Ethan has disappeared somehow. My heart beat heavily against my chest and my breathing was rigid. I looked to the ground, all the things that he was formally holding was sitting on the ground, everything except for the Gameboy.

“What the hell?” I asked myself.

I pulled my phone out and tried to call Ethan. The phone rang for about 2 minus only to let out a beep telling me that he was either unreachable or I had no service. My heart pounded faster and louder to the point where I could hear the thumping sound in my ears. I grabbed the items from the ground and decided to go back home so I could try to call him again.

I set the stuff on the coffee table in the living room, things were already cluttering the table, but I didn’t mind the mess. I grabbed my phone and tried to call Ethan again. No answer. I huffed in frustration.

My fluffy Irish Wolfhound waltzed over towards me and tried to jump onto my lap. “Down Sage!!” I yelled. The dog quickly got off of me. I reached for a dog bone and gave it to Sage. He walked off with the bone, loudly munching on it with glee.

I laid on the couch, picked up the TV remote and turned on the TV. I flipped through the channels, trying to find something good to watch, I found a show about friendsgiving, but that wasn’t that interesting. I sighed, got up, and walked to the kitchen to get a container of frozen yogurt, my favorite food. I opened the refrigerator and searched for the yummy, cold food. I slammed the door shut, I didn’t have any frozen yogurt. I grabbed my house keys and walked for the door. Sage ran over to me and barked.

“Of course..” I muttered. I grabbed Sage’s collar and leash. I strapped the collar to him and attached the leash to him. We both walked out of the house

I breathed in the crisp air as we walked down the sidewalk. It was quite peaceful despite what had happened to Ethan. We came close to approaching the store since it wasn’t too far from where I lived. Sage looked around wildly, making sure no one sketchy approached us. I stood infront of the door to the store, looking for a “no animals” sign, I didn’t see one so I walked into the store with Sage.

We walked to the back area of the store, looking for the frozen yogurt. There was a large container of frozen yogurt for 11 dollars. I grabbed two containers and walked to the cashier and set my stuff down, I looked behind me since there was a mini drink cooler, I grabbed two Rockstar energy drinks and set then with the yogurt. I paid for the stuff and walked out of the store with one hand carrying the bag and the other hand holding Sage’s leash. We walked back home, Sage occasionally tried to run off, but I pulled him back and said “Heel!” He slowed down a bit to match my walking pace.

A weird and peculiar smell made me stop dead in my tracks. Sage caught a whiff of the dreaded smell. I walked near the border of the woods so I could try to find what the source of the smell was coming from. Sage and I walked around the woods, I made sure we didn’t go too far into the woods since I had the bag of food and drinks.

I looked around and I found the source of the smell. I dropped the bag and gripped tighter on Sage’s leash. I found Ethan’s mangled dead body lying on the dirt ground that was covered in orange and yellow leaves. His neck looked like it was torn out, his eyes almost gouged out and a fairly large hole in his chest. Sage whimpered and backed up behind me.

I grabbed the bag and rushed to the police station, I showed them where the body lied, but it was gone when we got there.

“Maybe you should go back home miss.” They had said. I felt an anger and disgust form deep in my somach. I went back home with Sage. I threw the grocery bag on the kitchen table and tried to find what or who had done this terrible thing to my best friend.

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