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  • For writers:
    • Your story must be copied into your actual post on the forum.You may link to an outside source to host your draft, thought it is recommended that you only do so for reasons of lengthiness or formatting.
    • Don't use Workshop to compose your draft or use it as a "draft sandbox." You should write your story draft in a document and then copy-paste it to a Workshop post. We recommend using Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Pastebin.
    • This forum is only for getting feedback on creepypasta. Posting off-topic material for review will result in your thread being closed. Continuing to post off-topic material will result in a ban.
    • This is not a place to beg for ideas on what to write about. If you have no work to show and you're asking for ideas, your thread will be closed. Continuing to ask for ideas will result in a ban.
    • Additionally, feel free to add "(unreviewed)" or "(reviewed)" after your story title in the title-header. In other words, when you submit your story, after the title, type "unreviewed". When you feel as though your story has enough critique to satisfy your needs, edit it to "(reviewed)". This will expedite the reviewing process and help reviewers find your work a bit quicker.
It is recommended that you put "(unreviewed/reviewed)" or "(draft)" in your post title in case you later want to promote your story in Writers' Showcase, as MediaWiki does not allow two forum posts with the same title, even under different boards.
  • Once you are done with your draft and have published your story to the wiki mainspace, feel free to ask an admin to delete your draft post. This will help keep Workshop free of clutter and let new drafts stand out more.
  • We recognize the occasional need to bump drafts that have gotten little or no feedback, but please be considerate in doing so. There is no hard-and-fast rule for when you can bump your draft, but please only do so if your draft really needs more feedback and has been untouched for a while.
  • If you update your draft, please do not make a separate post for it. Update your original post instead.
  • Please sign your draft in some form.
  • For readers:
    • Your criticism must be constructive. Give actual advice, don't just say "This sucks" or "This is amazing." That defeats the purpose of the forum. Nonconstructive posts will be removed.
    • Blatant troll posts will be removed. The user will be warned and any further offenses will result in a ban.

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Don't forget to enter your draft title in the title field.

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