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Xbox 360[]

Hello. This story is a little odd. Maybe a bit more. But I am not sure, so I will let it up for you to decide. (This is a draft and I just want some feedback! So please be genuine, even if harsh!)

   So the other day, my parents had gone out for a fishing trip they had planned for a few months. I was staying with my aunts. I am a major Xbox Fan, now I don't like their exclusives, that much anyway. I like the old school Halo's and some of the Forza Horzion games and that is it. The only real reason why I am a major Xbox fan is because it's what I grew up with. For my 13th Birthday, I got my favorite Xbox system. The Xbox 360. I got the Jasper Modern Warfare 2 system. With a bunch of games and what not. I was told it was bought off Facebook Marketplace and got my favorite game, Portal 2 with it. But I had always wanted to get a modded console. Mainly since I got into the Guitar Hero Franchise. But after this, maybe not. 

So back to the original setting. My aunt's place. I was staying with her for the night. Brought my Main Xbox with me, and we wanted to buy a Rock Band Microphone so we can yell Nirvana shit all day long. Gamestop and Walmart didn't have any but while at Walmart. We got the Nirvana Greatest Hits CD (The Second Version, or the Red Version) which was cool. One of my aunt's bf had a Xbox 360 which I had used like a solid 7 months before. That Xbox had killed my brand new Guitar Hero II disc. Which I was a little upset about. But it wasn't much. So he had stopped using it after the damage to my disc. A few months later, he had got me a brand new copy. Which I had beaten in 2 days. So this night, after all the hell we went through trying to find a fucking Rock Band Microphone, we had sat down. I decided to ask him what he was doing with his Xbox. Without hesitation he told me I could have it. I was like, I didn't even say anything. He said I could have it. So I was like sweet. I told him how grateful I was, since I needed a spare system to mod. Since modding a Xbox 360 requires soldering. He had offered to help with the soldering part. I was like hell yeah. But in the meantime I had to make sure my Jasper power supply would actually work with said console. It did! I hooked it all up, went through hell making a new Xbox on Microsoft's website. And then setup a nerd looking avatar. And connected to the Internet and deleted a bunch of useless shit I didn't need. Except, it had a rare version of Uno that was delisted from the Xbox Store years ago, so I had backed it up to a Flash Drive. But everything seemed normal. But then today. I had hooked it up and wanted to see if that Guitar Hero II accident was just a one time thing...

    So I decided to look for a game I didn't care for. In this case, Fallout New Vegas. I had beat on the Disc Drive a few times, and it had finally opened. Put the disc in, nothing happened. It just said "Open Tray" I'm like great. Disc Drive is fucking dead. But just in case I decided to test a different game, Black Ops II. Booted up just fine. Tried New Vegas again. Same problem, so not a disc drive issue. So I decided to use a copy of Payday 2 that had a major scratch that I didn't see. So I just said fuck it, I don't play Borderlands, I will use that. It worked perfectly. I got up to Lvl 4 on a Character named "Turtle" Which was different then my Gamertag on this Xbox, "CapitalismW" and then saved and quit. I went to check my Gamerscore on the Dashboard. And my avatar had a strange look on it's face. It seemed upset. I decided to open the Avatar Creator or whatever it's called. It looked not only upset, but pissed off at me. And I had 0 clue why. I went to my Outfits to see if I had corrupted something. Which my current outfit had a name. "IHateYou" I was confused as shit. But then the Avatar Editor closed. And it said "CapitalismW signed out" I was at the login screen and instead of "CapitalismW" it had said "Turtle" and now I was a little freaked out but was curious and didn't want to shut it off yet. I knew it was probably just renaming the account based off my Borderlands save file since it displays Save Data in a way of my character name being shown. So I was definitely curious by this time.

     I had pressed A on Turtle, It had a blank avatar for a second. But then went back to my "CapitalismW" avatar. But instead of the typical wave animation that happens when you login from that standard login page, it had looked like that it was trying to flip me off while hiding tears. If that makes any sense. But instead of sending me to the Typical Metro Dashboard. But instead of saying "CapitalismW signed into Xbox Live" It had showed me a party screen, with the two people. "Turtle" and "CapitalismW" I was obviously "Turtle" but had 0 microphone on me, but I said Hello anyway and it heard me... Which isn't impossible. I mean come the fuck on. The Kinect exists. But it had responded in a Text to Speech type way. "Why.. did you do this.. to me?" I said "What? I didn't do anything." The Text to Speech thing that seemed to be at least representing "CapitalismW" said "You made me a nerd. People hate nerds. I want to end this life.. can you please.. Not make me look so bad? and delete that fucking shitty outfit that you made." I was shocked. But had responded "The reason why I made you look like a nerd. Is you are meant to represent current me, my old account represented old me. But I created this one on this console to represent current me. Which is a nerd. But if you so desire. I can change you to something more. Reasonable to your liking."

    "CapitalismW" had responded.. "Well, why would you want to be a nerd. WHY FUCKING WOULD YOU?" Then the Xbox had shut off. I had tried to turn it back on. Remember this console is a fucking Jasper which means its rare to Red Ring. I had tried turning it back on. To a error code screen with the Red Ring of Death. Got the Disc out of the Xbox. And just looked at the Error Code Screen. But then suddenly.. It had restarted itself. It went to the standard boot screen. And had sent me to the login screen. Completely Fresh. No save data. No accounts. Not even the fucking copy of Uno. Completely Reset. Just without going through the setup. "Should I try and maybe readd the account since I still have the login details?" I had asked myself. And I won't. He didn't want to be around so be it. Guess just have to stick to local accounts. 

For Draft readers, Thank you so much for reading something that's probably doing shit. Means a lot. Please give me some feedback!

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