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You Must Murder[]

Hi My Name is Jordy . This is my first creepypasta so don't be rude . This is a FNF pasta so let's get into it . I was playing FNF but something went wrong so i restarted the game . but when i booted it up there was only Week 4 . the week title changed into You Must Murder instead of Mommy Must Murder i think it was a bug so i played Week 4 . The Mom was different . more red instead of purple i thought it was a reskin but i didn't download a update . i rebooted the game again and it said : You Must Murder.exe . I was living with a roommate and it was late at night so i was scared but i booted it up to see what happens... other weeks appeared again but i can't get into them because it glitches everytime when i get into a week . They were all name You Must Murder : Jack . My roommate i was shocked but i didn't want to do it since we are good friends . I here a scream come in the kitchen . Jack was stab i was in horror i called a ambulance . Weeks Later i get a call from the hospital that he was dead i was really sad . i just left his funeral i went to play FNF and it was normal . is this a punishment? i should've done it but he would still be dead . I email the creator of the accident and he was awkward . i feeling suspicious but maybe it's just me . He maybe did the same to FNF like Kevin Quest but i highly doubt that . I got a new roommate we become friends pretty quick . A Few Weeks After . The game glitches again so i avoided it so it won't happen to Vaydin like Jack . Funkin.exe opens randomly while scrolling in youtube . In the title it says : developer : 666 instead of NinjaMuffin . I rushed out of the game but my laptop crashed and it says : LCCKONTSIES . I look ouside the window a dark figure appeared . I  ran to Vaydin but i never saw him and morning was the last time i ever saw him and the figure . i was never given a roomate ever again since the school was too scared of me . {ThE eNd}

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