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Yesterday, I received a cardboard package. One I did not order. At first, I assumed it was at the wrong address, but the package had my address as the delivery point. It was "From: Hell".

I took it inside. It was quite heavy, and whatever was in it was hard. I did not want to open it at first, but my innate curiosity was slowly taking me over. Soon, I found myself getting a knife to open the box and finally satisfy my wonders.

When I dashed the cardboard off, there was a second box, a metal one. On top of the metal box was an envelope, which I opened. It had a letter, a yellow key with an eagle emblem, and a $1 bill. I opened the letter, and it was written as follows.

"Dear Jacques, this package is from Hell, and I am the devil. You have been doing a lot of work for me up on your 'Earth' and I felt that because you were generous to me, I would be generous to you. Inside the metal box are some presents I have for you. Keep doing what you do best, and I will see you soon."

A stupid prank, I thought. I've received fake packages from "Heaven", "Tartarus", "Purgatory", and "Hell" before; my neighborhood is full of people wanting to get a laugh. Either way, I still felt I would open the metal box. It had a keyhole and the eagle key fit.

Inside were the 3 "gifts" he had given me. I thought they were probably stink bombs and the sort. The first one had a lid that I took off. Inside was a copy of my birth certificate, but in blue pen there was an arrow pointing to the back. On the back was my "death certificate". It told me I would die on August 2nd, 2031 from a car crash, along with my exact fingerprint on a blank area. At the very bottom, it said "Pledge your soul for rewards beyond your imagination."

I was terrified, but I refused to call the police. I just decided to leave it there and go to bed. I couldn't fall asleep, though, and the combination of terror and curiosity was taking me over. I had to check it out, I just had to. The second package also had a lid that I took off. Inside was a bowl filled with a thick yellow liquid, which was engraved "Fountain of Gold". When I tried to get a sample with a spoon, it turned to ink, and out of it came a red wasp. It stung me and flew out of my house.

The sting didn't hurt. It made me feel dazed and tired, but something was overpowering me, even though I tried to hold back. My hands went to the third package. It was a plastic package with a lid, and it was painted red in some parts. My hands opened the lid, and inside was a bloody paper. My hands unwrapped it, and inside was a human kidney. It was bleeding and pulsating, like it was still alive.

Then, everything faded to black. I woke up around a day later in my bed. I looked for the packages, but they was nowhere to be found, and I thought it was a dream until I found the letter again. This time, it was signed in blood, "From: Hell".