GER:ie - Unit 3


The following series of logs were recovered from the ruins of the [UNDISCLOSED] Research Facility. They are narrated by alias Dr. Kaufman, the lead scientist overseeing the project that was being developed there.

Not much is known about the staff working there, other than that some of the world's best programmers and engineers were working there anonymously.

The installations were founded in the hopes of creating robots capable of passing the Turing Test. In other words, capable of thinking, learning, etc.

It's known that the project was founded for military purposes. The resulting machine would be used as a war asset, should such an asset be needed in the future. For this effect, the GER:ie machines were programmed as exceptions to the Laws of Robotics.

Due to the events that transpired in the facility, it was not possible to fully recover all the logs.

It is worth noting that the establishment was being supervised by the ___ to guarantee the safety, secrecy, and completion of the project being developed there. The failure of the project and the current state of the facility all relate to a specific entity, whose whereabouts and actions will be disclosed in the following transcripts.

LOG 97

Dr. Kaufman: This is the 97th log to be recorded in the [UNDISCLOSED]
             Research Facility. Today is [DD/MM//YY]. 
             The current time is [XX:XX].
             We are almost there. It's so close. It just needs some
             final adjustments before it's done.
             Unit 3 is nearing completion. It really only needs some
             adjustments to the plating and lens. It appears that
             **someone** in the facility ordered the wrong specs.
             [exasperated sigh]
             [murmuring "Not naming names" but this is unclear]
             The programming was finished last night. It's fascinating,
             to think the answers to all our questions about the test
             were lying in the genome. Meta-genetic programming.
             Who knew? Exploring the human genome to unlock the answers
             to the Turing Test, and using those programming methods...
             But that's enough rambling. I'm taking too long to record.
             Not much is happening. We just have to wait until the
             adjustments are finished...
             So, I'll have to leave it at that.
             Dr. Kaufman, signing out.
             [END LOG]


This is, unfortunately, the first of the logs that could be recovered. It is believed that 150 logs were recorded by the doctor, but several of them fell victim to the attack that decimated the establishment.

However, it does provide insight as to what was occurring within the facility.

To maintain secrecy, parts were ordered to a location away from the establishment to then be picked up and transported carefully to the installations. Rather than returning the mentioned "plating" and ordering different ones, it was necessary to modify the plating in the facility, rather than order new ones with different specifications. This would, of course, halt the project's development for some time: apparently, 2 days transpired between Log 97 and 98.

More interestingly, Log 97 clarifies that the project being developed there utilized meta-genetic programming methods to achieve the results desired for the GER:ie project, hence its name: Genetically Enhanced Robotics, for Intelligence and Efficiency. Before recovering these logs, the facility never revealed their methodology for achieving their results. However, any specific code or methods remain undisclosed.

LOG 98

Dr. Kaufman: It's finally finished. The time is [XX:XX] and the day is [DD/MM].
             I'm confident it's going to work properly this time.
             Dr. Kosach is preparing for the interview and the
             log will switch to him shortly.
             [a cut, suggesting a jump to a different microphone]
Mr. Kosach: This is Dr. Kosach? Uh, the time is now [XX:XX].
            Oh, right.
            The interview will begin shortly.
            [a small hum of machines is barely audible]
   UNKNOWN: The interview has now begun.
Dr. Kosach: Hello. Unit 3.
    UNIT 3: Hello. You guessed my name!
            The tag on your shirt says Kosach.
            So... Hello! Doctor Kosach?
Dr. Kosach: That is correct. Great observation.
    UNIT 3: What is happening, Mr. Kosach?
Dr. Kosach: You are being interviewed.
    UNIT 3: ...An interview. I'm going to be questioned?
Dr. Kosach: Yes.
    UNIT 3: For what reason?
Dr. Kosach: You are among the first of a new type of machine
            that may or may not pass the Turing Test.
    UNIT 3: ...The Turing Test. And... I'm a machine!
            With a new kind of A.I.
Dr. Kosach: That is correct.
    UNIT 3: Understood! What kind of questions do I have to answer?
Dr. Kosach: Questions that will test the limits of your reasoning.
    UNIT 3: Alright.
Dr. Kosach: Firstly, a question to determine how well you can track conversations.
            ...Hmm. Strange one to start with.
            So, Unit 3. Do you know the story of Abraham in the Bible?
            God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaa-
    UNIT 3: To test his faith.
            ...I'm sorry. I shouldn't interrupt.
Dr. Kosach: It's fine. It means you can see where a conversation is heading!
            The question was going to be who's son and who's faith we're
            talking about...
    UNIT 3: Isn't it obvious? Abraham's.
Dr. Kosach: Yes... It is obvious.
    UNIT 3: ...Mr. Kosach? Can I ask about something? It's a little off-topic.
Dr. Kosach: Yes?
    UNIT 3: Why would humans hurt each other and sacrifice each other?
Dr. Kosach: In the time of the story of Abraham, laws as we know them didn't
            exist. And even so, Abraham was given a divine order.
    UNIT 3: I can understand that. But why do people hurt each other so
            now, in the present day? Why is there violence?
Dr. Kosach: Several complicated conflicts of interest, and violent tendencies...
    UNIT 3: But...
Dr. Kosach: ...
            Did you mean to say something, Unit 3?
    UNIT 3: No, I changed my mind. I'm sorry.
Dr. Kosach: ...I see.
    UNIT 3: What's the next question?


The log does not end here. Unit 3 is asked more questions, responding excellently and almost humanly to the inquiries given. Other notable questions Dr. Kosach proposed had to do with jokes that tested the ability to identify how and why something could provoke laughter in a human. Unit 3 does not laugh, however. Unit 3 notes that the jokes are clever and understands them fully. It can rationalize but cannot "feel" emotions.

But the question left in the transcript stands out. It's possible it has a connection to later events, since it's one of the only instances where Unit 3 asked the interviewer a question, and the only instance Unit 3 reversed a statement before speaking.

LOG 112

Dr. Kaufman: Time is [XX:XX] and day is [DD/MM]. Unit 3 is
             hibernating as of now. No faults seem to be
             showing themselves in any of the tests. All
             the interviews are finished. I would have preferred
             asking fewer questions about violence, but this is, of course,
             a military project.
             Which of course leads me to my summary of the
             physical tests.
             Unit 3 excelled with flying colors. Running and speed,
             accuracy, reflex thinking. All above the high expectations
             we had for it. It's definitely exciting.
             [details about the tests are provided]
             Yet, I feel somewhat worried. All the tests are going fine.
             It's not about results or meeting some of the deadlines
             and expectations set by the ___.
             ...It's nothing, I suppose. Just a minor concern about
             how Unit 3 will be utilized in the future. A robot for
             war. History repeats itself, in the year of [YY].
             Nothing to worry about. Unit 3 himself hasn't been
             outfitted with lethal equipment, and the facility is
             very heavily guarded. Perhaps my concerns are for nothing.
             This is Dr. Kaufman, signing out.


Details were skipped in this particular transcript and will instead be detailed in the report dedicated to the entity that will be sent along with this general report on the logs.

To note, Unit 3 has passed all tests and demonstrated no fault whatsoever in reasoning or physical prowess. It's also worth noting that some scientists in the staff, Dr. Kaufman included, were not really supportive of the idea of creating a robot for war. They were mostly interested in advancing science but recognized the country's desperate need for advancements in security with robots that could think, analyze and react in dangerous situations for the sake of helping the population, and well aware of the GER:ie project's applications in warfare.

LOG 125

Dr. Kaufman: Time is [XX:XX] and day is [DD/MM].            
             There is a concern. More interviews were executed to
             further revise Unit 3's reasoning. The board wants to
             be safe. And it turns out we spotted something.
             It seems like Unit 3 has somewhat violent tendencies.
             His responses with wording aren't becoming more
             aggressive, but his physical ones are. 
            He is becoming...
            more hesitant to be handled or transported in any way.
            He refuses to be approached by most of the staff now.
            He is currently deactivated after some moderate brute forcing, 
            and his plating will be removed so we can look into his
            parts and see if it is possible to reprogram
            it. If his tendencies are the effect of some
            form of corruption, a new unit will have to be built.
            [murmuring "Just wanna be done with this."]
            Kaufman, signing out.

LOG 130

Dr. Kaufman: Time... [XX:XX], day doesn't... matter.            
             He... woke up. By himself. Mere seconds before
             the plating was removed. I...
             [stuttered gasp]
             I don't know.
             The turrets are to detect suspicious movement and gun
             down anything that isn't a-allowed to throughout the facility.
             We can't move in c-certain areas. It's a d-drastic measure, but
             it's an important p-project... in a drastic t-time.
             Unit 3... dodged all the fire... and m-managed to tear off...
             every... single... turret.
             I don't know what he's going to do. He's continuing
             to run from each level. He will reach the board's floor and...
             all of the living quarters, offices...

LOG 139

Dr. Kaufman: I doubt that I have much longer. He's gone completely out of control.
             I don't know... what to do.
             His weaponry, reasoning... It's all beyond our power
             to contain now. Locking down the facility won't help.
             Weaponry is too strong. He's smart enough to find us.
             What did... we create?
             And how do we stop it?

LOG 145

Dr. Kaufman: I don't know how I've managed to stay alive.            
             Most of the other staff members have...
             Everyone is in danger. Which is...
             Why I have a plan. I cannot save myself.
             But I can detail how the eventual rescue
             team and the government can help. I can
             detail a plan. All of Unit 3's specs,
             all of the data I've collected on him.
             I can send them to some private domains for
             the government to read, and plan with accordingly.
             It's all I can do now.
            Before I make my leave... I wanted to mention.
            To anyone who finds these recordings. I've scattered them around the
            in the hopes that most of them can survive.
            GER:ie. Number 3.
            He kept talking about...
            Some kind of saving. He thinks what he's doing is correct.
            That he can fix the situation with a "drastic measure."
            What is he trying to save? How does... killing...


It's worth noting now that the facility does not receive satellite signals from the inside. Access to the Internet is blocked while inside the installations, which would, of course, limit Dr. Kaufman's abilities to communicate to the world outside. The satellite blocking was, of course, done to ensure secrecy. However, outside the facility, it's possible to get a signal.

LOG 147

Dr. Kaufman: I've been running around the facility for a long time now...

             Sometimes I find a safe space and then have to run.
             He's pretty far from me right now. I can sit down and record...
             I have a plan to make it... to create distance between us and
             get to the other exit.
             I'm still thinking about what he said.
             How does killing people solve problems?
             But... how does war solve problems?
             We built him for war... We were going to outfit him
             with proper equipment later. And...
             Something struck me.
             Using war, and violence. Why?
             Is he different from us there?
             [Undetermined noise]
             That... was...?
             I need to move. Now.

LOG 150 - Segment 1

Dr. Kaufman: He's on the other side of the facility right now.            
             I know he can detect electronics. I turned on some devices
             wirelessly and gave the impression I was there. I was lucky
             that the room had some...
             Maybe not lucky. Corpses. To more or less fool his scanner
             for bio-readings. He'd think I was one. It gave me time. On
             the other side of the facility, I may be able to send my data.

LOG 150 - Segment 2

Dr. Kaufman: [running]            
             I have... my laptop...
             [runnning, heavy breathing]
             I'm almost out...
             [heavy door opening]
             [this door does not appear to open for 15 seconds]
             Fuck, that was loud!
             C'mon, c'mon...
             [door finishes opening]
             [more running]
             [running stops, heavy breathing]
             Can he see me? I need...
             to hurry...
             [rapid tapping and typing]
             Please... send faster...!
             Signal. I need better signal.
             I need to... go farther...?
             I'm... I don't...
             [a deafening blast is heard]
             [breathing becomes much heavier]
    UNIT 3: Hello, Dr. Kaufman.
            [sounds of weapons being quickly loaded]
            [rushing wind is heard]
Dr. Kaufman: [only murmurs can be heard]            
             [the sound is somewhat muffled until the end of the log]
    UNIT 3: Because I have... bit of a plan...
            requires some... drastic...
Dr. Kaufman: ...but...            
             [light sobbing]
             [a final, deafening blast]


We have not received any significant data in any of our servers about Unit 3. As of the issuing of this report, authorities are on the lookout for it. All we have to go on are the details presented in the logs regarding Unit 3's tests.

This final log was thrown seconds before Dr. Kaufman was killed by what we currently assume to be a HEAT RPG since these were part of the facility's defense system that Unit 3 seems to have pilfered.

It is also worth noting that, of the areas around the facility, some are residential. None of them have seen the Unit, however.

Unit 3 is deemed a significant, lethal threat, and is still at large. Finding and neutralizing it if of top priority.

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