You're infected. Every single one of you is infected! Even I'm infected! It is a virus, a very serious virus. It broke out of some facility and now it's gone global. This breakout happened five years ago. The only reason nobody has noticed yet is because this virus has no symptoms. Nothing that tells people you're sick. It just sits there in your body and does absolutely nothing. But it will... someday. It could mutate, it could transform into the most dangerous, deadly virus anybody's heard of! But what is the point of worrying?

As I said, this virus has already gone global, every last person on the planet has this disease. This only means that if it were to mutate, everyone would be dead within a matter of days, weeks, etc. That's no reason for someone to just end their life right now! I'm not saying it WILL mutate; it's only a possibility. A 50% chance as you would say. You can believe what you want, but I'm pretty sure the mutation will happen soon. Well, now that I've told you everything you should know, I'll go; I need to take some medicine for a terrible cough that I've come down with...

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