The cave is silent, aside from distant splashes of water droplets. The hulking shadows have grown calm, the combatants’ fetal positions are boulders along the scarcely lit wall. The larger of the shadows breathes heavily, its center heaving repeatedly.

“Father,” the silence is broken. “Please, father - speak to me.” The words come out in a whimper, the voice cracking and fading. The stillness of the shadows is broken as the larger one begins rocking back and forth, still in a ball, and the smaller figure slowly stands up. The lone torch flickers for a moment, the smaller figure immediately taking a defensive stance until he sees the other shadow has not broken its rhythm. The small one gasps, choking on tears that his eyes can no longer produce. "You do not have to do this, father. Listen to me, I am your-"

"You want to kill me, boy." The large figure stops rocking and speaks in clarity. Its head shoots up from between its leg, staring stoutly at the opposite wall. Moments pass and the head once more retreats, the rocking returns.

The small one shivers and looks around. Its bare body is covered in sweat and grime, but not nearly as much grime as the larger figure. The small one is robust, yet its shadow is minuscule in comparison to the giant that lurks across the cave. While the large one towers over its enemy, it is excruciatingly gaunt and contorted. "Father, you are not well," it begs. "You are afraid of the impossible."

The rocking intensifies, the shadow orbiting the room as the torch nearly burns out before growing larger once more. "Kill me! Kill me! You want to fucking kill me!" the large one screams abruptly, the echoes making every word incoherent. The rocking comes to a sudden halt as the figure releases its death grip on its knees and slowly leans backwards, its legs still angled from the ground. It slowly releases an overpowering scream.

The little one places its hands over its ears. "Father, please stop. I beg you, stop this now!" The screaming dissipates, replaced by a slow sobbing. "I would never conspire against you, father. I am your servant. You are a Titan!"

The large one quickly ascends back into its ball. "And what are you, boy?" it cackles hellishly, its bloody and mangled teeth shaking from strands of flesh in his gums, blood and spit conglomerating as they escape his mouth. "You are a god! Yet, I am expected to trust you? You will kill me!"

"Father, you are delusional! Please, listen-"

"There is no more listening," it interrupts, extending from its ball into a strained kneel, its head approaching the ceiling of the cave. The small one steps back, preparing to run. "You and your siblings are gods! You and them were planning on killing me, but I am not ready to die. I am the destroyer of gods."

The small one turns and looks for an escape, yet there seems to be no escape. The large one swings its enormous hand, large as its son's torso, and grabs the man by the back. The skeleton-like fingers dig into the flesh of the son's back, blood pooling in the wrinkles of the old man's hands. The father drags his legs towards the son, lifting his boy off of the ground. As the son is raised towards his father's face, he stares into his eyes. The old man's eyes are staring directly into his pupils, yet they seemed to be blind of his presence. The Titan's mouth is gaping and the son retaliates with fists, yet it serves no use. As a last resort, he thrusts his hands into the lips and teeth of the giant. The mouth slams shut, the arm caught inside.

The son opens his mouth to scream in agony, but can only wheeze. The old man twists his head to either side, the bones crushing in between his decaying teeth. After moments of shaking his head, he pulls the boy away from his mouth, the arm severing and blood is strewn across the Titan's face. Without pausing to chew the arm, Saturn slowly brings his son's head to his overflowing mouth. He rests the head between the molars on the right side of his mouth.

The cave is silent, aside from distant splashes of water droplets. The hulking shadows have grown calm, uniting together to create an unholy display on the wall.

Then there is a pop.

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