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A man worked alone at a light-house with his fifteen year-old son. One stormy night, he realized he was in dire need of supplies - food, water, propane for the generator - and decided to head into town. Since the man lived twenty miles from the nearest neighbor and thirty from the nearest store, he thought that it would be best to leave his son alone. He told his son to be safe, to lock the door, and to stay in his room where it was safe.

When he had driven almost thirteen miles, he saw a single cloaked figure standing on a hill. He could not make out who or what this figure was through the downpour. Eventually, as he drew closer, he noticed a long scythe, and with a crash of lightning, he saw the hooded figure for what it really was. Frozen in fear, the car started to veer off the road. As he managed to regain control, he noticed that the figure was beckoning to him.

The man feared more what would happen to his son than himself, so he turned the car around and raced back home. When he got inside, he locked the door and called to his son, weeping. When he found his son, he embraced his fear that this would be the last time he would be able to do so. As he did this, he told his son to remain in his room until he called him or until morning came. Just then the door broke to splinters and the figure walked in. In the dimly-lit room, the man could clearly see the disfigured skull and the long sharp scythe. He knew his time was up and stood to face the figure honorably.

The figure then spoke, “I am sorry to have frightened you on the road; your time has not yet come.”

Flooded with relief, the man called to his son and asked why the figure had been beckoning to him.

The figure went on to say, “I merely wished to inquire where I might find your son.”

Credited to Michael A.