Gypsy Magic, a NSFW Fairytale

"I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show. My mama used to dance for the money they'd throw... "

Come to my window by dourdan-dcf4gwm

I kissed my man's soft lips to the beat of the music playing on my laptop speaker. Aidan looked sexy, all tied up on my bed. The red silk scarves gently held his arms in place over his head, attaching him to a single point in the middle of the headboard."You look so gorgeous," I whispered as I drew Celtic patterns down his beautifully tan arms with a sharpie, making sure to cover his needle marks. My boyfriend, Aidan DeSelena, had skin the color of caramel and dark brown hair that flowed just past his shoulders. He was a ballet dancer- key word being ‘was.’ As of late, his long legs had been primarily used for shooting up heroin.

“Tania?” Aidan moaned in a sleepy voice.

I walked my fingers down the six-inch scar on his chest, which sat so elegantly between his pectorals. I only saw beauty; his living breathing body, his heart, his creative-passionate soul. But I knew that was not what he saw. Every morning, I would watch as he got out of the shower. When he looked in the mirror, the sight of his body would drive him to openly sob.

After three years, it had become annoying. Hence why I had the music playing on repeat- I needed to put myself into a more positive head-space. “You okay, baby?” I asked as I let my long black hair stroke his face. For our 'playdate' I had put on a soft, well-worn t-shirt with the Planet Hollywood logo. It was bought during our trip to Las Vegas. Stroking the fabric, I could remember falling asleep in his arms watching the sunrise from our hotel room on my twenty-first birthday. But I doubt he remembered any of it.

“T-,” His voice was quivering. “I’m worried, should we establish a safeword?” His green eyes were filled with such innocence. “My back has really been hurting. And last night my leg was in spasm.”

“Maybe you wouldn’t be in so much pain if you went back to physical therapy,” I muttered.

Aidan pursed his lips as tears rolled down his cheeks. “I’m sorry. I love you so much, Tania.”

He was too sick, too far gone for rehab, and I wasn’t about to sit back and watch him die alone in a psych ward. This was plan C, my last resort.

“It’s ok.” That was all I could say. I couldn’t exactly get angry over the fact that he was still in mourning for his mother. Or the fact that he claims he could still feel every injury and broken bone from the car accident even though it happened three years ago. Yes, it had been his fault she died; he'd overdosed on heroin at his mother's house. She carried him to the car and attempted to drive him to the hospital in the middle of a snowstorm. And he awoke three days later to find out she'd crashed her Honda into a large tree.

It was a sad story, no doubt, but in my defense, there was a fine line between love and pity, and three years is a long time to force your heart to love someone. Aidan had lost the will to feel. It was as if denying himself happiness or even emotion could be seen as some kind of cosmic tribute, atonement for the fact that he lived when his mother died. He was the good son, his mother’s son. But his heart was no longer mine.

"Tania, snap out of it!" The sound of my older brother's stern voice broke my trance. "And loosen the restraints, unless your intention is to amputate his hands." Tommy and I were both on the short side, at least compared to Aidan's supermodel physique. Tommy was 5’9”, but muscular and strong. A former soldier, he wore the scars of combat on his face and chest.

I always found this unusual since he currently worked in an accounting firm as an executive assistant. "Sorry." I proceeded to loosen the knots as I continued my drawing on to Aidan's hands.

Tommy had been openly gay ever since high school, I could remember the first time we shared a lover. He walked me through how to truly pleasure a man. Not just to get him to ejaculate, that part was easy. He taught me the difference between making a man come and giving him a true orgasm. It came as no surprise that, when Tommy went off to college, after his time in the military, he took up BDSM as a weekend hobby. In fact, his supervisor was one of his clients.

"Tania, listen to me." My brother was naked, preparing his tools; an electric razor, a washcloth and some lube. "Aidan is here because he wants to be here. He wants to give this treatment a chance. So you need to give him a chance."

"I know, I'm sorry." I finished my design with a small pentagram on my boyfriend's middle finger, and then put down the sharpie. I had given Aidan an ultimatum; a 3-way with my brother or I was kicking him out of my apartment. But it had been Tommy who convinced him of the spiritual healing that would come, from being our sexual submissive.

"Feeling more comfortable?" I asked as I walked my fingers along Aidan's wrists, tracing his self-harm scars.

He nodded. "I'd still like a safe word, please."

"Fine, your safe word is 'honey.' How does that sound?" I kissed his forehead down his nose to his lips.

"Yeah," he said with a soft breath. "That sounds nice."

My fingers grazed over a particularly dense set of scars. "But don't worry my love. I’ll be here the entire time.” I could still picture the night I’d found him in my bathtub with a stomach full of pills and arms slashed. And the suicide note he addressed to his mother, not to me- that was what hurt more than anything.

"Ok, I trust you. I love you, Tania."

He sounded so pathetic, I forced a smile. “I love you too, Aidan.”

Tommy was shaving Aidan’s lower body with an electric razor, carefully wiping away the hairs with a moist washcloth.

Retrieving my sharpie I continued my design down his ribs to his hips. Aidan’s cut muscles were like arrows pointing to the promise land. "Aidan, baby, I need you to relax. Tommy and I, we're going to worship your body, to bring out your inner strength." I looked in my brother's direction. "Maybe you two can bond over philosophy and pot again." I'd cooked a dinner of grilled vegetables and flatbread, but Tommy and Aidan mostly smoked.

"No," Tommy said as he kissed Aidan's hip. "I have a better idea." My brother’s meaty hand gripped Aidan’s cock at the base, holding his testicles with a gentle caress. It was just enough to keep Aidan still as Tommy swallowed him whole.

To see my brother deepthroating my boyfriend was all kinds of sexy but Aidan's body was still holding back.

“Tania?” Aidan swallowed hard. “Will you hold my hand?”

“Of course.” I laid my upper body on top of his. The fabric of my t-shirt was between us but I could feel every panting breath. I kissed his lips.

“Do you want me to take off my shirt?”

“Yes please,” he replied softly like a child asking for permission.

I made sure to put on a show, slowing removing off my shirt like a stripper giving a lapdance. With my breasts exposed, he took to my nipple like a starving infant. From behind me, I could feel Tommy rising up. He bent Aidan’s knees, positioning him for penetration. With one hand Tommy slathered my boyfriend’s hole with lube while the other hand masturbated Aidan’s saliva-covered erection.

“Be gentle,” I said, grabbing Tommy’s arm. I had taken my boyfriend's anal virginity using vibrators, but my brother had a big, thick beer can of a cock. He could easily tear him up inside.

“Tania, I am a professional.” He applied more lube directly to the head of his cock, and then began to spread Aidan open with two fingers.

Aidan's breath quickly became erratic. It was clear he was having a panic attack. “My leg, please Tania, my leg hurts.”

Tommy knew about the extent of Aidan’s injuries, how he did, in fact, have a metal bolt in his knee. “Take the restraints offs. I need you to hold him.”

"Sure,” I said as I kissed Aidan’s cheek. The knots I had tied were pretty simple. I gently removed the scarves allowing him to put his arms around me.

Aidan was shivering, his throat was trembling as he struggled for breath. “I-I can’t do this.”

Cupping his face I kissed his lips over and over, keeping his focus on my eyes. “Look at me. I need you to give yourself away. Everything that you were, everything that you are, I need you to surrender it all.”

“So I can forget about the crash?” he asked. Even in a state of panic, his mind had gone straight to his most powerful memory.

I forced myself to engage my compassion. “You will never forget about the crash. But it doesn’t need to be your life’s focus.”

Aidan gasped. His muscles visibly clenched. "Oh fuck..."

I knew Tommy was inside him, it was just a matter of how deep. "It's ok, you'll be ok." I took a deep breath, and then released a stream of air on to his upper lip, working my way down his mouth until we were sharing one breath.

Tommy fucked him slowly, the excessive amount of lube sloshing in and out.

Beads of sweat were forming on Aidan’s brow. He locked his mouth on to mine forcing kiss after passionate kiss. I could feel him moving his hands lower, his thumbs tracing along the elastic waistband of my underwear.

I elegantly slipped out of my jeans and then my plain white panties. "Is this what you want?" I asked as I straddled his face. In my mind I was transported back to high school; our sophomore year the first time he went down on me. “Do you remember what you used to say to me, back when we made out in the girl’s locker-room?”

“I said you tasted sweet,” he whispered as he kissed my inner thigh, “like honey.” "Honey?" I asked, remembering the safeword I promised him. I moved to lay by his side, to look into his eyes and read his expression.

Tommy gripped my hand before Aidan could answer. "Tania, I will require your assistance."

I quickly sat up. "Okay, sure."

"Honey?" Aidan repeated. This time I could hear the desperation in his voice. Tommy was tenderly massaging Aidan's leg. "I can leave if you'd like," I could tell he was addressing only me, "and you can simply make love to him."

Why did he have to say 'love'? I needed him to stay. I couldn't go through with this without him. "We're good." Aidan would melt my heart the way he always did and I wouldn't be able to stop myself.

The song restarted. I knew the track was only three minutes. Had we been at this for only three minutes? Or had my mind been lost in thought?

I turned myself around so I was facing away from Aidan.

On my hands and knees, I could feel his tongue go inside, his hands gripping my thighs. I looked down at his cock. I wanted so badly to take him in my mouth if only to show him how badly I missed him.

Tommy was pounding him with slow deliberate thrusts. “Let your boyfriend come on your tits, and then finish him off with your mouth.”

I moved closer, rubbing my boyfriend's cock between my breasts. I could feel Aidan holding my legs tighter, pulling me towards him. My thighs quivered. It was difficult to maintain focus but I managed to lock my gaze on the head of Aidan's throbbing cock.

Tommy sucked in his stomach muscles. “I'm about to come in your boyfriend’s tight little ass.”

As he said those words I could feel Aidan’s mouth on my clit. “Do it. Fuck him hard!”

I always loved the warrior expression Tommy made when he was about to blow his load. You would think he was getting ready to fire a machine gun.

I felt my core tighten as a climax washed over me. I let out a moan as Aidan put his arms around me, pulling me close for a kiss. But I resisted, instead I rested my head on his chest while Tommy got into bed, cuddling with us both.

“How’s the leg?” Tommy asked.

“It’s good.” Aidan leaned back, taking a long deep breath. “I feel strong.”

Tommy massaged Aidan between his legs, working from his inner thighs up to his hips.

“Do you feel strong enough to start physical therapy?”

“Yeah, I think I do.”

Tommy kissed his cheek. “Then my work here is done.”

I reached my hand out to my brother. “Thank you.”

Tommy only nodded. "This is what you wanted."

Suddenly Aidan's eyes glazed over. His lips crept into a smile too big for his face. As I kissed his chest I could feel that his heart had stopped. Everything was going perfectly, according to plan.

“Tania?” my boyfriend whispered as he opened his eyes. The irises were now completely black.

“What is your name?"

"Alexi,” he replied, his voice now had a Russian accent.

"When did you die?"


"How fascinating. Were you an artist?"

"I was an acrobat in a traveling circus."

I was certainly not expecting that answer. "Did you die on stage?"

"No," he said with a chuckle. "I died of fever one very cold winter. I was nineteen, just weeks away from marrying my beloved. I passed without ever taking a lover."

I smiled. The spell had worked perfectly. I had summoned a soul who died sexually pure; a piece of marble for me to carve into as I pleased.

Alexi licked my earlobe, as he whispered, "When I’m back at 100% I’m going to give you the performance of a lifetime.”

The tone of his voice sent a shiver down my spine. "I can't wait." I would miss Aidan. I just hope he's as happy as I am, wherever his soul ended up.

"They'd call us Gypsies, tramps, and thieves. But every night all the men would come around,and lay their money down..."

Gypsy Magic 2, Witchcraft

Taina and Katia

Hi, it's Tania, and I think I'm going to have to kill my brother.

Let me clarify a few things. For the past few months, I'd been enjoying Alexi, my newly resurrected boytoy. He was everything I ever wanted. During the day I taught him about life in the 21st century. For someone who died nearly a 100 years ago (as a teenager, no less), my long-haired angel had a remarkable mind. He mastered basic computer skills easily and in no time he was teaching himself to code. But what he seemed to enjoy most was art. At first, it was drawing but he quickly advanced to using simple computer programs like MSpaint to create elaborate images.

I considered buying him a tablet to see if he could truly draw as well as the artists on YouTube and Instagram. But instead, after a long day of taking selfies with my laptop, he asked me for a camera of his own.

I purchased the highest quality digital camera I could afford on my history teacher salary. Alexi was overjoyed and immediately took to creating photo shoot sets using my linens, furniture, and lighting. Alexi would perform elaborate acrobatic feats. As a former circus acrobat, possessing the body of a former dancer (aka my drug addict mamma's boy ex-boyfriend, may he rest in peace), the skills came naturally. And his beauty was, of course undeniable.

I was proud of my prized possession. At night he slept in my bed, naked, blindfolded and handcuffed with his tan body on full display. It was my ex's body but with Alexi's soul occupying it, every breath was so much sexier. His stomach would tighten, as his lips parted ever so slightly. He never complained about being hot or cold, even with his body was visibly shivering. Alexi would only ever ask, in a whisper-moan, "Do I please you, my queen?"

“Yes, my love, you truly do.” Sometimes I would touch him, hold him close, running my fingers through his long hair. Despite the fact, he was a ghost inhabiting the body of my ex he was conveniently virile. His cock was nothing special, when my ex was alive all he ever did with it was fuck me in the missionary position. But Alexi, he loved it when I would ride him hard. I wondered how I got so lucky; my first time trying black magic and I'd summoned a true treasure of a man.

On our one month anniversary, I let him dominate me. With my hands bound together, he made me get on all fours like a dog. He fucked me in the ass while using a vibrator on my wet pussy. He told me I had the most beautiful tits.

"My queen," he said as he kissed my earlobe. "You are so fucking beautiful.” His voice was like velvet, sending a tingle down my spine.

After he was done with me, I rested in his arms. For the first time, I asked, “Do you remember anything of your previous life?"

Alexi only shrugged, holding me close in his warm embrace. "I remember being sick. My stomach hurt, I couldn't breathe: so much sadness and pain. And then there was nothing. I was alone with only my consciousness." He turned his head to kiss my cheek. "Until you, Tania, you saved me. For that, I am forever grateful."

I believed him; his sweet sincere voice, his kind heart.

Up until the moment I walked in on my older brother, Tommy, balls deep in my boyfriend's ass. They were face to face, on my kitchen table, fucking like porn stars. Alexi, naked with his legs spread. He was jerking himself off with his left hand while his right hand struggled to keep hold of Tommy's thick muscular shoulders.

I resisted the urge to cry or scream. I would not give them the satisfaction.

Tommy turned to me. His wavy black hair was soaked with sweat. "Please, Tania, I can explain." Tommy lifted Alexi's slender body, their mouths met with a deep passionate kiss.

He proceeded to move Alexi to a nearby wall, thrusting faster and harder as Alexi held on with both hands.

"And you're not even going to stop?" I muttered, now more annoyed than disgusted. I knew my older brother had taken the day off. He was going to spend the day at my place and after work we would have dinner and drinks. But instead I was sitting on my sofa waiting for them to finish what they started.

Alexi wrapped his legs around Tommy's muscular hips. His lips were pressed against my brother's ear, as he matched Tommy breath for breath. I could hear him speaking in Russian as he moaned in ecstasy. "Ya khochu tebya, ya tebya lyublyu."

The translation echoed in my mind: "I want you, I love you." At that point, I was too pissed off to question how I knew that.

Tommy cupped Alexi's face, pulling him close with a slow passionate breath. He thrust his hips a few more times, each slower and more intentional then the last, until Alexi's body went limp in his arms.

I stood up, relinquishing my seat on the sofa to give Tommy a place to drop Alexi's body.

Alexi was still hard, and as Tommy laid him down. With his tight abs on full display, I was tempted to touch him, if only to reclaim what was rightfully mine. But he wasn't even looking in my direction. He pulled Tommy close for one last kiss.

My brother was smiling, almost laughing, as he kissed Alexi's open mouth. "You're insatiable."

That was when I finally grabbed Tommy by his arm. "Explain- now! And don't you dare tell me this is a one-time thing."

Tommy smirked at me, as he shook his head. "Alexi was never yours."

Like hell, he wasn't. "I summoned him! I sacrificed my boyfriend's body-"

Alexi leaned his head back until his head was hanging upside down off the side of the sofa. "You summoned a lost lover."

"What is he talking about, Tommy? You helped me research the spell."

Tommy nodded as he walked to the kitchen to check on whatever he had been cooking. "Yes, I did. As you recall, I offered to leave."

"What are you talking about?" He had offered to leave, but I assumed it was because he was feeling guilty about the use of black magic.

"The spell was never intended for a three-way, it was meant to summon a lost lover via the power of a sexual aggressor. Now compared to your ex-boyfriend that would be you, but you added a third person to the mix.” He made a show of flexing his impressive back muscles.

"So Alexi belongs to you?"

Alexi stood up, and put his arms around Tommy's waist. "I don't belong to anyone." The way his hands caressed my brother's naked hips said otherwise.

"You fucking liar." I thought back to the way he touched me, the way he held me. The love and passion he displayed, it had all been a lie.

"I didn't lie to you, Tania, I appreciate all you have done for me. I love you like a best friend, or how you say: friends with benefits."

That was when I ran out of my apartment, slamming the front door. I walked the five miles, straight to the highschool’s library, in search of the truth. Thankfully, I had stolen and copied a key from the janitor for just such an occasion.

I never learned Alexi's real last name but I knew enough to get started; year of death, age of death, hometowns and the fact that he was part of a circus at the time of his death. From there, the internet proved to be a valuable resource.

Alexi Urmanoiv, age nineteen died in a sanatorium. His case was semi-famous for being reported as one of the earliest cases of polio. Strangely, Alexi was found in his cell, frail, emaciated, and laying in the arms of an older man. The man had been dressed as hospital staff but upon investigation, he was identified as Vladimir Rosetov, a married father of four who had been writing letters to Alexi under the name 'Rose.' Both men had died of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to a police report published in several Russian newspapers, the men's bodies were disposed of in a crematorium (as was the policy for the mentally ill) but Alexi's paintings were saved. They were beautiful landscapes all except for one; an image of Alexi and his younger sister Katia performing their trapeze act. The doctors took pity on Katia and allowed her to keep the painting.

Sealed inside the canvas was a package of letters. On the envelope was Rose's suicide note, which read, “Alexi, my love, you were the only one who mattered. We will be together in the next life, but I pray our story will never be forgotten.”

Katia was only fifteen at the time, she kept the letters hidden until she got married and moved to America. Homosexuality was still taboo in the United States, but she found an academic publication willing to print the letters as an academic study of psychology and mental health. Decades later their story would go down in history as an example of Russia's cultural views on sexuality.

After hours of research, I headed home. I had no idea what to expect but this was my apartment and there was no way I was going to give it up to some undead fuckboy.

When I returned to my building the lights were out on every window. I took a breath as I entered the main door. I looked towards the elevator- the power was out. So I headed for the stairs, up to my floor. Standing outside my third-floor apartment, I could hear snoring. "Lovely," I muttered. I opened the door to find Tommy was asleep on my sofa under a blanket.

Alexi was looking out the window wearing loose fitting jeans that hung off his hips. "We saved you some dinner after all this was supposed to be your special day." He turned to me, his features bathed in the moonlight.

All I could do was stare. Tommy was a decent cook, but I had no appetite.

"I take it you discovered my full name?" Alexi asked with a smile.

"Thanks to your sister, you and 'Rose' are kind of famous."

"My dear sister." He pursed his lips as he walked towards me. "She was my best friend."

"When we first met you said you died before getting married," I asked as I walked towards the kitchen, hopeful that he would follow. "What did you mean by that?"

Alexi took a seat at the kitchen table, leaning back as he spread his legs. "When we first met? You mean, when you summoned me from the depths of hell?"

I walked to the stove looking at the pot of ravioli in cream sauce. I hadn't eaten since noon, but for some reason, the smell of Tommy’s food made me want to vomit. I closed the lid and sat down at the table, if only to catch my breath.

Alexi bit his lip with a coy smile. "Rose wanted to rescue me. He wanted to save me. We would run away together live, how you say 'off the grid', not that there was much of a grid in 1920's Russia." He leaned over and reached for a plate of macaroon cookies. "Want one?"

There was something strange about the puffy white cookies. They appeared to be moving; inflating and deflating ever so slightly as if breathing. "Sure," I said as I forced myself to stand up and put some water in the coffee maker. I needed to stall for time, to think of a plan.

But Alexi was staring me down with a sinister gaze. "What? Are you afraid of a cookie?"

I took a seat and picked up a cookie. As I expected, it was soft, marshmallow-like. I gave it a gentle squeeze and it made a sound not unlike a coo from a baby. Was it alive? "This isn't a cookie."

"Tell me what it is?" As he blinked his eyes they turned black. Blue veins emerged, flowing down his cheeks like lace.

"Zefir," the word fell from my lips. Why was I still holding the cookie? Put it down! Throw it at him! Do something!

Alexi smiled a sweet smile. "You are correct, dear sister."

The cookie seemed to hit me in the face, forcing its sweetness into my mouth like somekind of parasite. I coughed and spit, but the taste only grew stronger. "What are you?"

Alexi picked up a cookie. "A demon, an angel," he licked his lips as he tore the cookie in half, revealing a blood red center, "someone robbed of life."

"I'm sorry," I said in a whisper. My fingers moved on their own, crumbling the cookie in my hand to reveal the same red jelly. I knew my hand was about to force the cookie into my mouth again, so I did something that, in hindsight was very stupid: I slammed my hand into the wooden kitchen table.

Alexi, even in his new demonic form, was doubled over in laughter. "Well, that was easy."

I was about to ask when he meant, when I felt a sudden stinging sensation. I had cut my hand on the corner of the table and now the red jelly had found a straight path into my body.

I gripped my head, as my mind was flooded with images. The images confirmed what I had researched; in Alexi's past life he was a blonde, blue-eyed acrobat who lived with his parents and sister in a traveling circus.

"I know you can see through Katia's eyes, Tania. Tell me how I died."

"Papa beat you until you got sick." I could picture the deep lesions on the back of the poor shirtless teenage boy, forced to sleep on the dirt floor with the animals. Though Katia's eyes I could see her touching his bare skin as he trembled. She held him close as she attempted to give him a drink of water. No, it was vodka. "Papa told the ringmaster that you fell ill due to the cold of winter." I blinked my eyes, forcing my mind back to reality. "The owners of the circus had you sent away."

"And then you met Rose." As Alexi said the words Tommy came into the room wearing only boxer shorts. His eyes were also pitch black. But more noticeably he was limping. Did Alexi hurt him?

Alexi fed my brother a cookie. As Tommy licked and sucked the soft crumbs from Alexi's fingers, he motioned for Tommy to get on his knees.

Much to my surprise, Tommy did so without struggle.

Alexi stroked Tommy's hair. "My beautiful Rose, I wanted our first time to be special, in a place where we could finally be free."

Tommy kissed Alexi's hips, moving his mouth to Alexi's zipper as if his cock contained a life-giving elixir.

Alexi was already moaning like a porn-star, "I kept my body pure for my Rose. But when he finally came for me I was too sick to travel."

"Rose was a kind man," I replied. I could picture Vladimir Rosetov, with his glasses, and prominent beard. He looked nothing like my brother. "Da, I realized who he was pretty quickly, once Papa pulled your name from the performance lineup.” Who’s voice was that? “I mean 'our' names because I would never attempt our act without you."

Alexi nodded in approval.

"I made a plan to intercept any future letters from Rose, but the letters stopped coming. And there was a man who just appeared and started following the circus, claiming to be a newspaper reporter. He kept asking people about our act; the amazing Star twins, a brother and sister from beyond this world."

"I almost forgot how they billed us as twins. I guess we were just that inseparable."

"Yeah," I chuckled. "Well, he finally got Papa to agree to allow him to interview me privately. That was when he revealed who he was and how he knew you. He called you his prince."

Alexi visibly blushed. He still looked creepy as all hell, but it felt nice to see him so happy.

"Rose told me that you opened his mind and his heart to a world he never knew existed. A world beyond the life of a husband, father," I laughed as the facts started to flow through my mind. "Rose was a banker. He sat at a desk writing numbers in books all day. He told me that you taught him how to live life with a sense of creativity and adventure. He loved your stories, your jokes; He truly loved you."

"His father had been a soldier. That was why Rose had the gun. But Rose was never in the military because of his bad leg."

That explained why Tommy was limping. This was a part of Rose’s spirit, brought forth by Alexi.

"He told me, when he was eight years old, he fell off a horse and broke his leg in three places, never healed correctly. It was why he walked with a cane despite being only thirty-four." Alexi smiled, as he closed his eyes and licked his lips. "I remember the first time he let me massage his leg. The first time he realized he could be aroused by a man. He told me I touched him in ways his wife never would. I mean, at first he was a little shy about it, but my Rose loosened up real quick. Isn’t that right, my love?"

Tommy stood up and kissed Alexi on the lips, before lowering his underwear to reveal his erect cock.

"Do you remember what I did to you, my love? I milked you like a cow until you sprayed all over yourself? Let me give you a reminder."

"Why did Rose bring the letters?" I asked. My mind wanted to keep Alexi's mouth on topic rather than on Tommy's cock, but the second voice in my head also wanted an answer.

"Rose had brought the letters for you, dear sister," Alexi said as he rolled Tommy's thick cock between his palms, making for a slow, tender handjob. "My beloved wanted you to have them, to know the truth of our story."

Alexi closed his eyes and reached out his hand in my direction. "You were always the one we could trust." He licked his lips as Tommy's body convulsed in orgasm. "My sister, my Katia..."

The last thing I remembered was blacking out. I awoke in bed, to the light of the morning sun cracking through the blinds of my bedroom window. My hand was on Alexi's chest over his heart, but so was Tommy's.

Or should I say Rose's hand?

My goal was clear; I need to kill Tommy or Alexi or both.

"You will do no such thing, not while I still draw power…."

The new ghost stuck inside my brain appeared to have a problem with my plan.

"You will not hurt them. You will never hurt them."

I can hear her voice, see through her eyes.

“They are my eyes, now... And my hands.”

Hello, Katia here. What a strange device, this is; a glowing screen attached to a typewriter? The 21st century is quite the place, but it appears humanity still leaves much to be desired. My brother is finally safe even if it is all thanks to this selfish witch. Here is the real story, in my own words.

Alexi was sent to an asylum for three weeks. The fever never broke because he was never treated for any infection or illness, it was just assumed he was going to die. Because that is what our parents wanted.

A week into his stay I was allowed to visit. I brought him a paint set and a few canvases; a gift from all of our friends at the circus. Alexi was always a talented artist. I hoped the gift would allow him some joy in an otherwise hopeless situation.

In just those few days he had lost so much weight. The doctors said it was polio but I knew better. They were starving him. Papa wanted him dead, erased from our family’s history.

I contacted Rose, I told him of the severity of Alexi's condition. He needed to save my brother, or at the very least allow him to die someplace peaceful. I wasn't there when it happened. In fact, I was several countries away. But in my dreams, I was blessed with a vision. Alexi was in bed, eyes closed. Rose snuck in, dressed as a janitor. He had a cart with him that he would use to sneak Alexi out of the hospital.

"My love, I've come for you. We will escape from this place and make a new life together," Rose said, with tears in his eyes.

But it was too late. Alexi was burning with fever. His once vibrant blue eyes could barely stay open. "My body is no longer my own. It is only a matter of time before my mind is gone. My only wish is to leave this world in your loving embrace."

I awoke in tears, knowing my brother was dead. I would never see his smile or hear his voice.

This new body, he is beautiful like Alexi was; athletic, healthy and strong. My brother deserves the chance to be happy and I will protect him with every ounce of strength I have. Even if that means taking over this witch's body only to destroy her once and for all. But for now, I sleep.

Well, this sucks. I never thought I would be forced to share my mind with an angry ghost-roommate. May the stronger sister prevail.

Gipsy Magic 3, Happily Ever After

Untitled drawing by dourdan-dcl5tpn

It'd been a little over a week since I last left the house. I figured the only reason the police weren't at my door was that a certain Russian poltergeist had been calling in sick for me. By that I mean: whenever I so much as thought about trying to escape, I would black out and wake up with my phone in my hand and a cleared call history.

My computer has been my only window to the outside world. On Reddit, the comments on my previous post seemed to be split down the middle on the topic of whether or not I deserve to stay in my own body. Well, fuck.

Today, I went to take a shower. I figure I might as well enjoy being in my body while I still can. I turned on the water, letting warmth run down my skin- MY skin, MY breasts, MY stomach, MY I was so tempted to masturbate if only to clear my head.

"No mine," the voice of Katia echoed in my head. My hands sank nails into my thigh drawing blood. "All that you are will be mine."

"Why?" I shouted. "Why are you here? Why are you doing this?"

"You're the one who summoned my family," she chuckled. "Now your family will have to wait a hundred years in hell for some stupid girl to try a black magic sex ritual. Maybe they'll get to possess someone as fun as you."

"So you're saying this is random?"

"Oh yes, it's nothing personal- for me. I'm sure this is all very personal from your side of the equation."

"You won't win."

"I already have." She moved my hand back to my pussy to masturbate myself, or rather herself, to orgasm. "You're outnumbered. This is our life, our time- my brother will see to that. Enjoy your body while you still can."

I heard the bathroom door open and close. I pulled myself up, peeking around the opaque white shower curtain.

My brother Tommy, or rather his body, was still in my apartment. I watched as he limped his way to the toilet. Standing in the nude he urinated, his eyes glancing in my direction.

"Hello?" I said to him, as I nervously twirled a lock of my long black hair.

He finished, shaking off his massive cock, my brother's cock. He touched my hand, looking into my eyes. He had Tommy's brown eyes, eyes the color of coffee, our mother's eyes. And black hair, dark and wavy like mine. But this was not my brother. He touched my cheek, looking at me as if I was an alien. "Ty tak krasiva."

"So beautiful," I repeated.

He chuckled. "Hello, Katia."

"Katia can't come to the phone right now, Vladimir Rosetov."

"Oh, you are still Tania. Such a pity. I will miss your humor when this is all over."

"Do you even know what a phone is?"

"I died in the early 20th century, phones have been around for a while. And call me Rose." He smiled again. "Your brother was a strong man. This body," Rose moaned as if touching his skin was bringing him erogenous pleasure. "It is so perfect."

"Where is Tommy?"

He stroked my face, wiping what I hoped was only shower water from my cheek. "You know where he is. He is with your ex-lover and your parents."

I moved back, forcing myself under the water in case he had wiped piss or even cum on my face. "What's your end game? What's your happily ever after?"

Luckily he took pity on me and simply left the bathroom. I wrapped myself in a towel and went to my bedroom to get dressed. My bedroom was now empty. "Where's Alexi?"

No answer. I quickly threw on a t-shirt and jeans, if only to not search the apartment in the nude. Suddenly I felt someone grab my neck.

"Hello, my love," Alexi whispered. "I have a surprise for you."

My world went black. I awoke in my bed naked, with wet hair. The smell of peroxide and lavender hung in the air. As I touched my cheek I saw a lock of my newly colored hair. "What the?" I looked towards the nearby floor-length mirror to get a better look; someone dyed my hair blonde with pink highlights. It wasn't half bad. I began to wonder if Alexi had done my hair when I suddenly locked eyes with Rose staring at me from the corner of the room.

I followed his glance to where Alexi lay, bound and gagged with duct tape. He was secured to the bed by his wrists, tied with zip ties that appeared to be cutting into his skin. I screamed. "Did you do this?"

Rose shook his head. "You did, or she did. Depending on who you are."


"You have the angel's hair with the devil's eyes, so I ask- Are you Tania or are you Katia? Who's in control?"

"I am!" I shouted, "I'm in control!"

"Show me." Rose tossed a pocket knife on to Alexi's chest, his eyes daring me to take it. "Let his body be your canvas and your soul be your guide."

I suddenly noticed Alexi's skin was already covered in mesmerizing art, circus-themed black and gray tattoos adorned his upper body flowing down his frame. "When did he have time to get all that?"

"That should not be your concern." Rose's expression was blank, unreadable.

Maybe he was right, I shouldn't be concerned. This was what I wanted: all I had to do was kill Alexi and this nightmare would be over. I opened the knife and pressed the blade to Alexi's neck. He was shivering. My hand refused to move any further. "What the?" No matter how hard I tried my muscles would not obey. I put down the knife and examined Alexi's bruised face.

"Alexi told me not to stop you," Rose said with a smirk. " Do you feel a sense of compassion?"

"More like pity," I replied, trying to maintain my dominant tone. "Did I brutalize him before or after someone bleached my hair?"

"Piece of advice," Rose said as he took a seat beside me on the bed. "Don't try to look for answers where there are none."

"Ok," I said calmly. I touched my hair again. It didn't feel wet, it felt oily. My fingers moved to my neck. Was that a slave collar? As my fingers touched the metal spikes I experienced a rush of memories. I now knew exactly what'd happened.

Alexi had grabbed my neck. In one swift motion, he locked the collar around my neck. I struggled to remove it but the spikes kept cutting my hands. I screamed and flailed my arms as if I was on fire.

That was when Alexi pinned me against the wall and kissed me.

I was lost in his green eyes: Aidan's eyes.

"You killed Aidan, remember?" Alexi chuckled.

I pushed him away and took a step back: Could he read my mind?

"You wanted someone more worthy, and you summoned me." He pressed his lips to my ear. "Am I worthy?" He smiled as he handed me a plastic bag filled with duct tape and zip ties.

I walked my fingers down his cheek. That was when I noticed his hair. Aidan wore his hair in a ponytail or sometimes just long, flowing over his shoulders. But Alexi, he wore his long brown hair in cornrow braids, like a white guy vacationing in the Caribbean. God, was it sexy.

Alexi removed his shirt to reveal pierced nipples and a chest covered in tattoos. There was no way he had all that done in a single day. "Do you like what I've done? I wanted to make this body more my style."

I couldn't help but want to touch his chest. He had nautical stars on both his pectorals, connecting to a circus tent down his ribs with a lion and an elephant doing battle over his abs.

My focus was drawn back to his face, he was Aidan yet not. Alexi's spirit was what I wanted, he was what I craved.

He reached for his belt, but I instinctively grabbed it from him. Forcing it around his neck I pulled tighter than I ever imagined I could.

Alexi was gasping for air. He fell to his hands and knees. In his weakened state, I was able to secure the belt around his neck, using it as a leash.

"Come, my pet," I said with a wicked laugh as a dragged him to the bedroom.

I could hear Rose walking fast. I readied myself, in case he tried coming to Alexi's aid.

Alexi paused and raised his left hand. "Leave her be."

"Alexi, please," Rose said in a whisper.

Alexi looked down at the floor. "If you cannot stand by my side, then leave me to my fate."

Rose nodded. "Fine, I will stand by you." That part I heard clearly. The next part of their conversation, I heard as an echo in the back of my mind. "But I will not let her kill you."

"Trust me," Alexi replied in a low hiss, "It won't come to that."

I paid them little mind as I flung Alexi on to the bed and went to work securing his wrists to the bed frame. I tightened the zip ties to the point where his hands were frozen in place. His arms were trembling, he was clearly in pain, but he started laughing.

I punched him in the eye, then the mouth. But he wouldn't stop, even as blood ran down his chin.

"You hit like a girl," he said with a smirk.

I felt the need to kiss him, to taste the sweetness of his bodily fluids. But first, I pulled the belt tighter until I could feel his muscles spasm, as he struggled to breathe. Alexi was gasping but, at that moment, I could have sworn I heard words.

"What did you say?"

Alexi grinned, showing off a mouthful of blood-covered teeth. "I said, I think I love you."

I removed the belt from his neck, and watched him take a much-needed breath.

Without his belt, Alexi's jeans rode low on his hips, making it easy to slip them down his long legs. His tattoos went even further than his chest. On his legs were images of crosses and rosary beads. I looped the belt and stroked his inner thigh. "God, you're beautiful."

I whipped him once across his thigh, then again, working my way to his erection. The first hit had drawn blood, but with each subsequent blow, my strikes were getting softer. When I reached his hard shaft, I gave it one long stroke from the base to the tip. "If we make love, the belt goes back around your neck."

"I will accept my fate."

"Let's get started." I took the duct tape and sealed shut his still smiling lips. I left his nose uncovered so he could breathe, if just barely.

I stripped naked, letting my skin experience his. My thighs caressing his legs as I lowered myself on to him. His body felt open, his spirit craving the chance to be brought to the brink of death. So I rode him hard, all while tightening the belt with my bare hands. That was when my hair started to drip.

It felt like sweat, but I could smell peroxide. It was as if someone was bleaching my hair but no one was. The dark brown color was simply bleeding out on to my skin, in the form of an oily residue. But the dark liquid disappeared as soon as it hit my skin. That explained why I didn't see any stains when I first awoke.

I could remember feeling Alexi's body tense. His back arched, as his hips began to thrust hard. I tightened my stomach muscles as I felt Alexi shoot his load. It felt like he had shot a lightning bolt straight at my core. I fell forward, holding on to the bed as my body was overtaken by an intense climax. I collapsed on to Alexi's chest, my newly blonde hair drifting softly over my face, as I fell into a deep sleep.

And now I was here, naked on my bed holding a knife. I used the knife to remove the zip ties, freeing Alexi. I laid in his arms, as tears flowed down my cheeks. "I'm so sorry."

Alexi held me close. "I know." His body felt warm and comforting.

I felt Rose touch my neck, removing my spiked slave collar. The act of kindness made me cry even harder. What kind of monster hurts someone so badly? I deserved to be arrested, locked away in a prison, or a mental asylum.

Rose laid by my side, stroking my hair as he positioned my body between himself and Alexi. "What is your name?"

"My name?" For a moment my mind went blank. What was my name? "T-Tania, my name is Tania."

Rose sighed, he rolled over, clearly disappointed with my answer.

Alexi reached for Rose's hand. "Don't be so quick to judge." He placed both their hands over my naked stomach. "The spell worked. My beautiful Tania, you will be the mother that our baby deserves."

"Baby?" I asked. But they gave no answer. Alexi continued to stroke my stomach while Rose stroked my hips. Their touch felt soothing, comforting; the moment felt so right.

Then I glanced at the mirror. Although I was not wearing a slave collar there was something on my neck. I touched a blue leather cord that wrapped around my throat. It had no weight to it. The strange, unmoving, cord was a thick blue scar, adorned with five small jewels. I sat up to get a better look.

Alexi sat up behind me, cupping his hands over my breasts. "What do you think, do you like my gift?"

I could feel nerves and tendons forming within the blue fabric of the cord. "Whose power is this?"

"Mine and mine alone."


Alexi shrugged, he smiled with a laidback smirk. "A century of residing in Hell can have its perks."

"Did you offer your ass to Satan?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"No, unlike your God, Satan does not require love, only raw passionate anger. The kind that comes from dying at the hands of your own parents. I served the prince of darkness but my loyalty is only to myself; my own happiness, the life I always wanted."

In my heart, I was screaming in terror. But as I opened my mouth my breathing remained calm. "I don't hear her voice."

"My sister?" he said as he pressed his lips to my ear. I could feel flakes of dried blood falling on my shoulder. "She's inside you." He stroked his fingers across my blue necklace. "You belong to me now. I'll keep you around until the baby is born. And then we'll see what use you are to me."

I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out.

"Right now, the part of you that is still a psychopathic sex freak is asking: What if I kill the baby while I'm at work?"

"Do you plan on locking me a closet? Tying me to the bed? I'm the only teacher in the district to be awarded tenure before the age of thirty. I make more money than people twice my age. You won't be able to pay rent and utilities on this apartment without me, not on your internet fuckboy salary."

"You are correct. The necklace is my, how do you say?- "insurance policy." If you try to hurt the baby, I will know and I will stop you, from anywhere in the world." Alexi gave my breasts a firm squeeze, as he rested his head on my shoulder. His eyes looked into the mirror as if trying to read my expression of terror. "It's not a slave collar, because you're not my slave. You are my cocoon, a vessel to bring about the birth of my third piece."

Third piece? As in the power of three? Whatever he was planning went way beyond living happily ever after with Rose.

Alexi's breath felt hot on my skin. "Understand?"

I nodded. "Yes, I understand." All I knew for certain was, no matter how hellish the next nine months were, I was not looking forward to meeting my daughter.​

Written by Dourdan
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