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On a drizzly and somber day of June 9th, 14 year old Addison Williams wakes up to the smell of butter croissants baking in her kitchen, downstairs. After eating breakfast and getting ready, Addison cheerfully makes her way to school.

When she arrives, she finds her friends not present that day. Soon, the first period bell rings and Addison heads over to History Class. When she discovers that her best friend, Destiny, is also not present at school, Addison's concern increases. Unfortunately, there are no signs of her friends the whole day, leaving Addison very worried.

When she gets home, Addison decides to go outside in her backyard and read a book to relieve her stress a little bit. While reading her book, Addison falls asleep. When she wakes up, she finds all 6 of her friends, including Destiny, smiling down at her. She smiles back, all her worry and concern, vanishing.

Addison's mother, however, stands behind the kitchen sink's window, and sadly gazes at her daughter, who is laughing and talking, not to her friends, but, to herself.

A few years ago, Addison's friends had tragically died in a car accident. And ever since then, Addison has been hallucinating about her dead friends, thinking that they are still alive, when, they actually aren't.

"Do you think that my daughter will ever stop hallucinating, Doc..?" Mrs. Williams asks. The doctor glances at Addison, who is sitting outside of the room, and again, talking to herself, or whom she thinks, is her dead friend. He slowly takes a deep breath and heavily sighs, "Sadly.. your daughter will be hallucinating for the rest of her life.."

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