The Hanging Man's Song is a poem that has no origin, but dates back to the 1900's and maybe even longer. Some theories indicate that indians would tell the song to their children to scare them into being good, but the lyrics say different. Sometimes, people who listen to it claim to feel very cold as if someone is watching them, but nothing bad comes from it... unless of course, they're lying... 

Here's the song.

He got 7 black teeth
A lacerated spine
He died from a car wreck
He lost the time
He shoots a shot
And wins the lot
He got seventeen eyeballs
One of them black
Six arms
With a smack
He got three mouths
They speak in
Various tongues
Each one beggin'
To have some fun
He got seventeen nickels
Count them all
This is the Hanging Man's Song
So listen y'all
He's the one
You see out the corner of your eye
He's the one
Who makes planets die
He comes
Always here
Waiting to kill us all
Pretty mere
He's the guy
Who watches you while sleep
He's the guy
Who lives in that trash heap
So now you know
Hanging Man's Song
So now sing
all along

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