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My victim tripped and fell over a tree branch. My mouth slowly crept into a smile. "No! Please! I'm sorry! Forgive me! Please!" she screamed.

"Forgiveness was never an option." I said, stabbing her countless times.

First, I cut out her heart, because generally, it's easier to not get caught with murder when there isn't someone screaming. I put it on a tray. An old lunch tray. When I was seventeen years old, my school had collapsed and had been abandoned. Well, everyone in this happy little town already had a house, and there was none left for me. I looked at the old school. I decided that it was the perfect home. Rusty and dull. Like a dream. Ever since, I've been using worn-out supplies that somehow survived.

I put the tray and heart into a bag. I slung the bag over my shoulder and walked down the street.

Upon seeing me, everyone shut their curtains. I didn't understand them. They've always been idiots. I walked down the road over to the local hospital. I scout a bunch of people who needed surgery. I asked the lady at the desk if anyone here needed a heart transplant. She swooned and explained they needed one but there were no donors. She ran the heart over from nurse-to-nurse. I was now a hero. "I'll be back with more donations. I do it for the children!" I chuckled.

My name is Haruko Fyohuji. I was born in Japan. I'm an Intestine Collector. It's simple, really. I take my victim's body parts, I give to the hospital, and voila- I just saved a life.

So, are you ready for your operation? Oh, you're confused. See, I heard there's a man who needs lungs, ribs, and a kidney.

That's where you come in.