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Harry checked the address one last time. There could be no doubt that this was the building he had been looking for, yet he still found himself staring in disbelief at the dilapidated warehouse that stood before him. The walls, which should have been a pleasant cream, were instead a dirty grey, and the swollen wooden door made for an unwelcoming entrance.

It was a stark contrast to the varnished mahogany depicted in the photograph he had been sent. Harry found himself questioning the safety of entering such a building, but after a few moments of deliberation he decided to enter. After all, it would have been such a shame to drive all this way for naught.

The interior was no better. As he passed through the doorway, Harry's nostrils were greeted by the musky scent of an age of rot and neglect. A vast emptiness stood before him, illuminated only slightly in a far corner by a dull and flickering glow. Harry retrieved his small flashlight from his pocket, switched it on, and began to tread towards what he hoped would be the answers he had been looking for.

The source of the glow was revealed to be a small television set on top of a desk. Before he could begin to question how it was possible for the television to be drawing any power, his eyes were drawn to a scene unfolding on the screen before him.

It appeared to be footage from a CCTV camera. A small beam of light, coming from somewhere off-screen to the right was shaking back an forth, and its source was rapidly approaching the camera. Harry then saw a dark figure loom in from the left of the screen, before the light suddenly disappeared. After a few seconds of darkness, the video began to repeat itself.

Scanning the area again, Harry noticed a scrap of paper on the floor in front of him. Picking it up, he read two words.

"Hello, Harry."

A terrible sense of dread filled him, and he knew he didn't want to be in this place for one second longer. He sprinted towards the door, his flashlight jerking to and fro in the darkness. Just for a second, he thought he could see someone ahead of him before he dropped his torch and the bulb shattered, plunging him in to darkness.