The first tape in a black-and-white photo taken after the massacre.

In 1982, a series of audio tapes were delivered to The Hialeah Florida School for Boys that contained very unsettling audio. These tapes were delivered in hour-long intervals before Robert R. Fuller, claiming to have been a religious leader, walked into the school, and shot and killed 27 students, along with 4 teachers. He then burned down the school, with few escaping the flames. The bodies were never found, and it seems like no one ever even acknowledges the massacre.

Three tapes survived the fire. These tapes were, coincidentally, known as the “most unsettling” of the tapes.

The first tape was of a man, presumably Fuller himself, saying a string of numbers. Nothing is known about the numbers or their significance to the massacre.

The second tape was of Fuller repeatedly saying “Hialeah School for Boys, fun for all, and full of toys. Going to…”, supposedly closer to the school than the first tape. After further inspection of the tapes by local authorities, one of the detectives had a sudden panic attack, and started to beat the other detectives.

The third tape is the most infamous. It is of Fuller in the school, shooting and killing the students. It contains a slowed down, and reversed segment of “Cineban’s 3rd Piece”, in which piano keys are repetitively banged down in rapid succession. Screams of teachers and students can be heard in the background, along with Fuller mumbling something. This tape is infamous because it was recorded within the school grounds. It is also infamous, because many of the people who heard this tape went into rapid and sudden fits of insanity.

I have included the audio from the three tapes.

But listen with caution.

Here are the tapes:



Audio from the tapes

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