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In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself into. When you reach the front desk, tell the clerk you wish to taste from waters purest.

The clerk will say "Oceans Lost" and point over your shoulder towards the farthest possible door. It will be green, old and decked with thick, snake-like padlocks. Do not ask him for assistance, such as the key to gain entry or you will risk a fate worse than death. Instead walk to the door, facing forward, until you are in touching of the padlocks. Whisper the words "Waters Fall In Darkest Times" through the keyhole, it should be just about visible between the chains, and the locks will release, clattering dully to the floor.

Once inside, it will be dark. The ground will gradually become steep the further you walk until it is swallowed up by lapping water. Now you must patiently wade through the cold waters, keeping your hands in the air. To place a palm below the depths is to invoke a curse drowned long ago, in the place where you now stand. The water will only grow colder the longer you take, so keep moving with arms raised until you reach a large stone passageway.

Now is the dilemma: You must go under to reach the other side. The curse is real, do not trust your feelings that is may be a lie. Keep your hands up and slowly duck yourself under. There will be barely enough room but your hands will be able to run across the ceiling of the stone arch. You are almost there.

The water on the other side is blue, bright and pure. Now you may place your palms into the water and splash them vigorously. Soon a statue will rise from the depths holding a bowl which must be filled. Cup a handful of water and drop it into the bowl. Now dive to the bottom of the water and stay there for as long as possible, taking not a single glance up to where you came.

When you can take no more, and there is no guarantee you will have been under long enough, emerge to face your fate. If done right, the statue will be gone, leaving behind it a jug filled with water which shines brighter than anything else on this earth. Fail and you see what really lurks beneath the tides of these lost and ancient oceans.

Holding the jug in both hands, close your eyes and take one single sip of its contents.

When you open them again you will be outside, drenched to the bone, holding the jug.

The jug is Object 77 of 538. The waves of ancient oceans now run in your veins. Never bring the Objects together.