Holder of the bloom

In any city, in any country, go to any inn, motel, or any place you can rest; simply find a bed that is comfortable enough for your tastes. Then sleep, and sleep awhile longer. Should you dream, then you are meant for this task. If not, then your success up until now was only luck, and pray, pray that you never awaken. For the objects you have are not yours any longer and their Holders will want them back.

In your dream you will see a garden of a gorgeous design, cool fountains and rare flowers sparkling with the mist. Here you may rest and prepare yourself; you have eons to do so in the shade and the cool. When you are ready, search the garden until you come upon a table where a beautiful woman sits waiting for you. She will gesture for you to sit on her left; she likes you and she has a task for you to complete for her. Without words or gestures, she will tell you to find her a flower in her garden. You are in her realm; is it best to obey.

She will keep the description of the flower a secret; she is testing you, after all. If you are destined for your role, or if your luck continues, you will come upon two interwoven trees, each producing a different flower. Choose wisely, for if you displease your hostess it would be more advisable to smash your skull upon the rocks than to face her discontent. If you choose the right flower, then simply head back to the table and hand it to her. She will smile and kiss you on the cheek and say, "I was a Seeker once, too; be aware of your fate.” As she turns away, you will see her back side has been mauled and mutilated by fire, teeth, and things your mind couldn't hope to comprehend. Follow her into her house and do not be afraid. She wishes you no harm; she understands your journey. You will stop at the entrance of the house and she will open the door for you with these final words: "I will let you go freely if you promise me one thing: if ever your journey brings you back here, I ask that you end me. If you break my promise, sleep will never hold safety for you again." With that, she will gently push you outside of the house and back to the realm of the waking.

You will find yourself in your room and in the corner of your eye you will see something being slipped under your door. It is an envelope containing a flower petal.

The petal is Object 47 of 538. She is your ally, but will you keep your promise?

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