In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution or halfway house you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit someone who calls himself "The Holder of the Sky". The receptionist will ignore your existence completely, and you will collapse on the floor. You will wake up in a torrent of soundless rain, the silence will be unbearable, and there will be no environment; what you walk on is solid air in a tempest.

In the silence a huge mass of people dressed in complete darkness will appear and begin approaching you; do not fear. Take off your shirt and wrap it around your dominant hand and walk towards them. Do not speak. When you get close hold your arm forward and simply fend aside anyone who is in your way; should your skin come into contact with any of them, the silence will be broken and you will become visible to them, and that would mean the end.

Going through, you will see a man in scarlet; he will be the only one standing still, and the only one that can see you. An empty circle will oddly form with you and the man inside, the rest continuously walking. Stand and wait; once the man raises his hand you must immediately break the silence: “How many will perish when they are brought together?”

The men will all stop and rhythmically face towards you, all of them eyeing your every move. Once they are all facing you, you must then ask, “And how many will be there to fight back?”

They will laugh. All but the one in the red cloak will laugh. Their cackling will resonate throughout the space you stand on, but you mustn’t give in. Resume asking, “And how many will be there to fight back?” Their laughter will grow and they will begin to fade. Once all but one are no more, ask one last question to the scarlet man: “Where will we be safe from them?”

The man will bow before you and fade; the only thing left will be his scarlet red cloak.

This cloak is Object 71 of 538. When worn it brings you back to this space, the only place safe when they are brought together.

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