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Cheap horror movies. You know the kind I’m talking about. The ones that you pick up in the discount bin at whatever store you happen to be at. With the cheap lighting and dollar-store masks. You get the gist. Me and my roommate, Emma, grabbed one when looking for some pillows for our crappy apartment. Really, she grabbed it, tossed it into the cart, and that was that. $1.50 gone. Leaving us with 58 minutes of cheap jump scares and horrible acting.

When we got home she convinced me to watch it with her. I had homework and had to get up at 5 am to get to work on time, but somehow that girl convinced me to sit on our new pillows and watch that movie.

It was not much to talk about. The plot was a cliche zombie apocalypse. I fell asleep about halfway through it. I vaguely remember waking up once or twice from her screams, before getting up and walking to bed. Now, the movie itself is not important. It's what it did to Emma. She grew up with (in my opinion) overprotective parents, this was the first horror movie she had ever seen. She loved it. Wouldn't stop talking about it for at least the next week. I quickly got tired of this. It was one of the stupidest movies and she loved it. When I got home from classes one day, I found her rewatching it. I walked over, ejected the disk(causing her to get slightly angry at me) and put in “A Quiet Place,” one of my personal favorites, hoping she would like it enough to stop talking about that crappy zombie one.

She loved it more then the stupid zombies. Bringing me into a whole new world of random fan groups she had found online and theories about the monsters. As annoyed as I was, I was glad that she had found a better movie. At some point I brought out my small collection of maybe 10 horror movies. She looked at the packages of each one. Talking the entire time. Asking why I had never shown it to her, bla bla bla. It took about 15 hours for her to watch all of them. Including bathroom breaks, food breaks, and the occasional rewind to watch a specific part again. I ignored her. After she made it through my movies, she started finding ways to get others. Usually buying them from the store or borrowing them from friends. One day, I took her aside and basically just said that she needed to take care of herself, she needed to go to class, she needed to go to her job. Somehow, she had stopped doing all of that with me hardly noticing until she was practically never leaving the apartment.

She didn't stop watching the movies. One night, I dragged her away from the screen and took her to a fast food place to talk. She hardly talked. Very out of character for her. She seemed to be alone in her own thoughts.

“Look, I don't care if you really like horror movies, but you have to pay your part of the rent” I said to her as a last attempt to get her to talk. This was the real turning point. After we got home, I don't really know how to describe it, she started… watching me. Everytime I walked into the living room she looked directly at me but it was like she didn't see me. She stopped watching the movies, she stopped eating, heck I think she stopped moving completely. I tried to talk to her a few times, Mostly about rent. I couldn't afford it on my own and no one is going to move into an apartment with a weird girl who just sits in the living room not paying rent. I also tried to get her to go to a mental hospital, every time I talked to her she just stared at me. Then, she was gone. I don't understand it. She just wasn't there when I got home from work. I looked around the room, when I looked back to her spot she was there again. Looking at me like usual. I decided to call the police.

The call went ok, they sent someone over. When he got here and I brought him to where she was, Emma stabbed him. I don’t know where she got the knife. She stabbed him in the neck before he or I had time to react. She never took her eyes off me. I don’t know what happened next. I think I fainted. When I woke up she was gone and the policeman was gone. I didn't know what to do. What the heck was I supposed to do? Just call the police and be like “Hey, so umm, my roommate killed a police officer and ran off… No, I don't know where the body is.” I would be locked up. I grabbed that dang cheap zombie movie from the pile she had made and stuck it into the dvr. It was what you’d expect. Like I explained earlier. But at the end, she was there. Emma was in the movie. Running away from the dollar-store zombies. I watched as she grabbed a knife, and stabbed one in the neck. I grabbed another movie, she was in that one too, stabbing another person. Exactly the way she stabbed that policeman. I walked up to eject that disk, and there was a new case there that I hadn't seen before. Simply titled “The Monster” I put it in. The first thing it showed was Emma's face, twisted up and wrinkled like when you wring out a dishcloth and attempt to straighten it again. I watched as she stepped away from the screen, and disappeared into the shadows. The rest of the movie shows her killing people in horrendos ways, not just the neck stabbing anymore. Killing people by burning off one limb at a time, making someone bleed out from a small cut by not letting it heal. Forcing someone to eat their own husband by tying strings around them like a marionette puppet. I took it out. Grabbed the remote and I decided to find one of my favorite not-horror movies to watch. When I switched it from DVR to TV it automatically went to the local news channel.

“...Warned to stay in their homes until the murderer is caught. Appears to be female, around 5 feet tall. Lock your doors.” A blurry picture of Emma is shown on the screen. I look outside the window and see her, her eyes never leaving my face while she cuts skin off her own.