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A boy was forced by his friend into staying at the abandoned North Haven Hospital for the night.

Inhumane experiments were said to have taken place there, such as the Eye Experiment. This was when they injected chemicals into their patients' eyes in an attempt to change eye colors. Most of these subjects died mysteriously within a few months. Suicides were also frequent.

However, the boy felt that the dilapidated building was relatively peaceful... except for one room on the seventh floor. When he and his friend passed by it, he felt as if someone was staring at them from inside.

They kept walking until they heard something hitting the ground from that very room. Grinning deviously, his friend and the boy went inside. He noticed that there was glass scattered everywhere on the ground, and the room was empty except for one large, broken window. He saw his friend looking out of it and staring at the night sky.

While the boy was picking up one of the pieces of broken glass, he heard a familiar sound of something hitting the floor. He glanced up only to see that his friend had disappeared.

Reacting instantly, the boy ran to the window and called out his friend's name. Down below he saw his friend's lifeless, contorted body sprawled out on the concrete below.

He heard a whisper in his ear.

"I can't see..."

Original author unknown