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Okay, I know what you are thinking... this has nothing to do with Christianity! Angels come in many forms and simply serve a higher power. Most are impartial to the affairs of humans. Some may deviate and become involved. A few walk in between those moral lines. But, an angel can be summoned by anyone under the right circumstance, regardless of the summoner's beliefs.

You will need to be in a dimly lit room at the noon mark. Yes, at noon, since it is when light is strongest. Or if you believe yourself to be truly righteous, conduct this ritual upon the summer solstice. Have the following items- an old pair of scales, a white feather, an old radio, a mirror, and most of all privacy.

It is best to do this ritual in your bathroom. Have the scales positioned in the sink. Place the feather on the right side of the scales. Rest the radio on the toilet. Stand before the mirror and say three times, "My life is so unfair! Come to me, my angel!" Your reflection will shift and change to a more angelic version of yourself, wearing a white robe and majestic wings with a lovely glow. Seems harmless so far, right? Do not assume the best, foolish human. This angel tests you at your worst!

The angel will clap their hands and ask of your plight. Answer them honestly. If you lie, the left side will tilt while the right side with the feather rises, rating your decency. They will ask you of your past offenses. Should you deny one, the angel will have the mirror show the event of the offense from the victim's point of view. The radio dial will move independently and tune in to play the victim's thoughts of that moment. And you shall experience their emotional and physical pain.

For example, you bullied a person to self-harm. Your body will have cuts form on your skin, blood flowing from the open wounds, having the sensations of their anguish. Perhaps you had punched a person out of unwarranted anger, you will have sore bruises and teeth may fall out. Or you are a socialite who thinks highly of yourself, the radio will play the thoughts of your social circle.

The more offenses you have done, the worse your sensations shall become. If you quit the ritual and do not complete your test, your luck shall turn sour for the rest of your life. If you endure and survive your test, the angel will deem you cleansed and bestow unbiased justice in your life. Your body will return to normal, all is forgiven and forgotten. Summon this angel of justice at your own risk. The only creature to fear is yourself.