I'm Alive

The original post

Author's note: This is some OC I wrote back in 2008. It was a thread from /x/ where people would give me the first sentence, and I'd write a pasta based on it.

The man was alone, in a morgue. He had no idea how he had got there.

He'd woken up with the technicians sliding him into a drawer, his eyes opening just as he was being pushed inside. And then nothing.

He could do nothing other than move his eyes. His body was stiff as death, he wasn't even sure if he was breathing or if his brain was making him think it... But if he was, he was breathing fast.

He couldn't open his mouth to scream, or he would have. His vocal chords didn't seem to be responding, either, so that added to the thought that maybe he wasn't really breathing...

Maybe people were playing a prank on him. People don't just die and spontaneously spring alive after being sent to the morgue. It just doesn't happen!

But here he was, inexplicably awake and immovable. Alright, he was fairly certain that his heart actually WAS beating, and that he actually WAS breathing. The frantic pace at which he was doing both of these couldn't be entirely in his imagination... Which led to another issue. Were these things airtight? Would he run out of oxygen eventually?

He couldn't remember how long he'd been in here. It seemed like weeks, but he hadn't heard anyone really outside... Maybe something was wrong with his ears?

Suddenly, without warning, he was able to move again! Yes! He didn't seem in full control of it, but he was moving his arms! He lost track of his heartbeat, but he was slowly writhing in this cell. He figured that the random movement was just from being trapped for so long and suddenly being able to... He was just happy he could move!

His leg happened to bang against the door and he let out a groan, and he heard muffled voices rushing to get it open. They pulled him out, seeming shocked that he was alive at all! He tried to thank them for finally getting him out, and ask what the hell happened, but all that escaped was a groan. Oh, well, his vocal chords were probably still warming up.

They got him to his feet, and his arms involuntarily wrapped around the man. He leaned forward, and let out another groan.

With horror, he watched as he sank his teeth into the technician and proceeded to tear his throat out. He did the same for the other man, then went about slowly eating on the corpses before his body lost interest and decided to go find new food, while the man who once lived in the body watched on in pure terror.

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