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I'm starting to lose it. I have this feeling that someone is watching me. Lurking somewhere just out of view. I wasn't always like this, though. This quivering pile of paranoia.

It all started on the fifth of January, while I was watching cartoons. I had an urge to relive some nostalgia from my past, so I decided to watch some Adventure Time. I clicked the power button, plopping down onto the couch with a bag of my favorite sour cream and onion chips as the intro played. I watched through the episode, and as it usually does, Hulu has a small period of time where the screen goes black, so that it can load the next episode.

In that brief period of blankness, I saw something reflected on the screen, coming from the window right behind the couch. It had a wide, hairless, wolfish face with several rows of needle-like teeth. Its neck stretched from the back of its head to its body, at least seven feet away. Its eyes were cast down, looking at me through the window. The eyes were completely black, with the exception of its pupils, which were an almost illuminating white.

I couldn't believe my eyes. I flew off the couch, spinning around to face the horrid beast.

There was nothing there. I didn't believe that my mind could come up with such a vivid daydream, so I walked up to the window and looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the birds chirping, the neighbor's dog taking a shit on my lawn, the cows on the other side of the road feeding on grass. I was bewildered. Not only was it broad daylight, but the thing I saw was gone without a trace.

Suddenly, I realized that I could no longer hear the birds chirping, or the cows mooing. I looked around, and saw the birds looking at me, the dog, mid hunch, staring me down, the cows glaring malevolently.

Spooked, I ran upstairs and tried to take a nap. I lie there, paralyzed with fear, not being able to get the terrible visions of what I had experienced out of my head. At some point, though, I guess that I had fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes, it was pitch-black in my room. I decide to try and shake off this uneasiness with some video games. I load up "Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning" on my computer, and play for a few hours.

Still uneasy, I realize the unnerving fact that right behind my desk, is my bedroom window. A loading screen finishes, and a black screen flashes across the monitor for a split-second. I could see it again. The creature, looking through my second-story window.

I'm freaking out right now.

Behind me is my worst nightmare given life and a freakishly long neck.

You couldn't possibly know my fear as I hear the window creak open.

Written by Funislife
Content is available under CC BY-SA