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In the summer of 2006, there was a man named Richard Donovan. He started a small business venture into selling computers and electronic accessories in his private home-run company called "Ever-Tech" (now defunct). It was reported by friends and family that Richard was a nice, polite, and helpful man who would go out of harms way to be of assistance, and it was near impossible for him to meet somebody that didn't like him. This only made the events that were to follow even more enigmatic. On August 21st, his family reported him missing. His mother and younger sister said that he hadn't been responding to calls, texts, or emails, which was odd, because he was in high contact with them, and didn't tell them of any emergency he had. When police went to his house to do a wellness check, they found that the house was empty, and there seemed to be no sign of a struggle.

When Police made their way to the garage, however, was when things turned sour. They found that the garage was normal, with nothing seemingly moved,and all computers still there. The lack of any sort of destruction seemed to rule out murder, abduction, or robbery gone wrong. One officer found a disembodied finger with a wedding ring. The DNA test proved that it was Richard's, but the wedding ring was unknown, because Richard was a single man. After this, the investigation began.

The whole house was swept, and the family was notified that Richard was missing, presumably kidnapped. When they returned to the garage to find any new clues, one officer suggested they check the computer hard drives to see if there were any indications of who was responsible. The officer was right, because on the 8th computer they scanned, they found the hard drive was RD_MIA. (The investigators believe this stands for RichardDonavan_MissingInAction.) This name stuck out because all of the other hard drives were just default Windows of Apple path drives. On the drive, there was a single video file, that when played, shows Richard, gagged, bound, and covered in blood. His right arm was strapped to a small table before him, and a tall robed, masked figure stepped on screen and into Richards view. He tried speaking, but this was unintelligible because of his gags. He was then forced to watch as his own finger was chopped off in front of him, and as he started to cry, the video ended. There was a trojan that crashed and bricked the hard drive after the video played.

Investigators have tried, and failed to identify any locations or individuals in the video, aside from Richard himself, and failed, due to a combination of the dark room, the figure being masked and robed, and generally low camera quality (240p).

No culprit was ever officially given, nor potential motive, and Mr. Donavan was never recovered. Perhaps the most chilling part is that several people have reported finding fingers, toes, and other extremities in random spots around his town. when DNA tested, they were all proven to be of Richard, despite there being far more found of his than he could possibly have. Investigators haven't been able to explain this, but they are still searching for him. The video of Richard has not yet been recovered.