I am here. I’m in your dreams, hiding in the darkness. I’m in your room, silently watching you sleep, breathing in your ear. I always watch you when you’re walking alone down the street, I’m right behind you. When you wake up paralyzed in your bed, covered in sweat, I am there crushing your chest. Feel my evil; I want you to fear me.

Watching, waiting, taking note. Do you feel me yet? I see you looking around sheepishly, with a terrified expression on your face. It’s so beautiful; it’s exactly what I want to see. Stop peeking in your closet, I’m not going to be there. I’m always behind you, hearing you breathe raggedly. You keep turning around, but you don’t see me. You feel my presence looming over you, and you can’t take it. That’s exactly what I want. I feel your fear, you want a way out.

You’re slowly beginning to realize I’m here permanently. I’m here to terrify you, to chase you, to make you lose your mind. Will you take your life to escape from me? Not a wise choice, unless you want to see me before your eyes.

I’ve noticed you’ve been sleeping with your lights on now, thinking that that’s going to stop me from looming over you. There are dark circles under your eyes; my breathing is keeping you up at night. You notice that my presence is stronger because of your fear. I feed off of it. It’s delicious. Keep fearing me, I’m always here. Behind you, in the corners, and climbing inside of your mind. One day, I will take you and call you mine.

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