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See You

You’re sitting in your room, browsing the Internet in your phone. A few minutes later, you feel like someone’s watching you. You ignore it. After sometime, the feeling came back. This time you looked around and saw your baby brother looking at you, you relaxed.

A few hours later, you started to fall asleep, you plopped the phone into your stomach, closed your eyes, and embraced sleep.

You woke up. You check your phone; it’s just 2:68 A.M. You closed your eyes, but wait what the fuck? 2:68 A.M? You checked it again, it now shows 3:20 A.M, again you started to feel sleep's warm clasp on your shoulders, but you again feel someone’s watching you. You try to ignore it, but you can’t fall back to sleep, finally, you check your window, nothing’s there.

You lay down again, but something feels wrong; You open the lights, and there you saw writings of “I CAN SEE YOU” on the walls; everywhere, in every crook and cranny of your room.

You start to scream then you saw your desktop on your desk is on. You check it out. You can see on your taskbar that MS Word is on; you click it and typed there were the words “I CAN SEE YOU, AND I’M COMING TO COLLECT YOU”. You fainted and never woke up.