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Run-on sentences, missing punctuation, vague/nonexistent plot. I urge the author to work on this more. Posting this to the Writer's Workshop may be the key.

Honestly I’m not sure that do actually believe in ghosts now, but I definitely believe in something. I don’t really know what to do right now or how to even react, it still seems too surreal. I keep trying to remember what I saw; my mind refuses to properly comprehend the shape… I apologize my head is really starting to hurt.

I’ve never believed in ghosts or the supernatural, I mean I get scared for a little while after watching a good horror film even though I know it isn’t real, but no encounters with a ghost or cold chills. This isn’t really for lack of trying either, there were a few allegedly haunted places where I grew up. A couple of friends and I would explore these every now and again at night to try and find something spooky, but despite my friend’s insistence of getting their ankles grabbed or whatnot I never experienced anything. After growing up and talking with these guys again they laughed and admit they probably walked by a branch that scratched their leg.

Now I live in an apartment, have a job as an assistant manager at Wal-Mart, and live a pretty damn normal life, long past giving any credible thought to hauntings or demons, so I didn’t really give a second thought to a friend’s call that I need to see something. Goddamn this image won’t get out of my mind, I kept trying to remember and now I can’t stop, it’s like a panic attack I keep trying to think of something else or clear my head but once I’m close to forgetting it creeps back in my head is throbbing now i need to lie down i need sleep

I need help but I don’t know what to do, I wish I was crazy but I know what I saw, it won’t leave me alone. My thoughts are getting jumbled or rearranged so I want to try and put it down before it’s all gone. I went down to this shitty run down shack a few blocks from my apartment, Jason said he’d already be there. He’s the guy who called me I’m pretty sure but his number isn’t saved in my phone, why did I walk down there.

Jason wasn’t by the shed so I figured he went inside. I kept calling his name but I couldn’t hear anything, this piercing buzzing sound just kept getting louder, or maybe that’s wrong, I’m hearing it again now or maybe it never stopped, I don’t know. The only real room this building had was filled with some chairs and table, but I didn’t see anyone there.

I didn’t have to pan the room long before I saw it, and even now I still can’t understand it. It didn’t have a shape, it’s like it bent space around it to form something. Imagine a person painted to fit perfectly into the background, and in the moment they move to break the illusion where your mind hasn’t fully comprehended what’s happening, that was this thing all the time. I stared at with my eyes wide open but it still disappeared and then showed back up, I think I only saw it when it moved, when it was still it just wouldn’t be there.

I ran, at least I think I did. I just remember being home and writing this down, but the image in my head is getting clearer and I can’t handle what I’m seeing.

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