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I hate this. I hate the world.

My name is Jack, and I hate almost everything.

I hate the laughter of happy children, walking down the streets with their bags full of toys and candy. I hate the tears, of an old lady, grieving about her dead husband, who was useless and did nothing to help the world. I hate the warm voice of a loving mother, which I never got. I hate the stares of curious travelers, who left their home just to see some useless buildings and rivers. I hate everything but myself, because I am perfect.

I always hear my parents talking when they think that I am asleep. They talk and talk about how they should get a better psychologist, somebody who could convince me not to kill myself because I'm too good for this world. Whatever. They are imperfect. They will never understand what I feel like, for I am a god among men. Nobody else but me will understand.

My younger sister thinks that I'm crazy. She always says, "You aren't perfect. Get over this phase, emo." This isn't a phase. She has been blinded by imperfection, which she shall forever live in. My brother is far away, in a place that I shall never go. I will go somewhere better, where I will claim my throne.

My teachers try to help me, but there's no helping someone who hates everything with all of their might.

I hate all of them. I wish that they were dead. I hate my friends, the food I eat, and my belongings. They aren't good enough.

Tonight I will end my family. Then I shall leave to go claim my throne. This is the last time I will ever be on earth again. So long, horrible imperfect beings.


As I finish writing the note, I stand up and take the knife. I head down to the living room, were they are all laughing at a movie. I go up to my sister, and stab her. My parents scream, but I quickly stab them, and leave the room.

I wait until they have all died, and then I get the candles. I place them on my family members' chests, and light them. They look so beautiful, by it isn't good enough for me. It's good enough for the ones who will help me go to the other side. I go to my room, and gather a katana, blindfold, rope, and a plank of wood. I go to the bathroom, lock the door, and lay the items before me. I close my eyes, and ask the creatures that roam this world to help me reach the other side. They answer my call. One of them ties me to the board, while the other blindfolds me.

Finally, they place me in the shower, turn the water on, and shut me inside it. I can feel the cold water pooling around me, and soon I will reach the top.

It feels like an eternity, but finally they open the shower. They grab me and one of them brings the katana. They ask me if I have any last words. I don't. They bring down the blade on my neck.

My head rolls on the floor. One of them picks it up and un-blindfolds me. At that point, my consciousness is fading, but I manage a smile.