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May 11, 2002

This story is from my stepfather, the date is May 11, 2002. My stepfather traveled from Ireland to Michigan to meet friends and to go to pubs and bars. He was known by his friends for loving about the American children's show, Spongebob. He would sit on the chair and watch the yellow sponge in his free time. His friend told me that during dinner, he would sit on the sofa and eat while watching him.

On May 11, 2002, he was hoping to watch Something Smells and Bossy Boots after swimming at Lake Michigan at around 10:27am. My stepfather sat on the couch and waited for the show to go on. When 10:30am struck, the television played...but it wasn't the episode. The movie began, looking very...crappy, the graphics looked like a 50's movie with a scarce budget. You see 2 people enter a hallway through a door, with this nursery rhyme music playing. The people wore blue dresses and a baby blue hat. The people descend the stairwell in the hallway, and in a couple moments, they are up the stairs.

The next part showed a guy, he looked Middle Eastern, he wore a headband on his head, he wore a beige army vest, and wore a beige shirt and what I assume khakis. The young man looks up the stairway...and he is shot in the head immediately. My stepfather was thrown back at the rapid escalation of events. Another young man who looked like a sibling of the dead man, looked up and shot a guy wearing a blue FBI uniform in the head as well. The guy looks at the dead man and gives a disgust look and he descends into the torn up looked like a wooden fort from the 1850's.

The movie cuts to a man in the car, he looked Caucasian, and was sporting a football outfit. He goes to a place called Heaven's Home, a old hospital that surprisingly looked prosperous. The man goes to a girl, who he called "Ms. Sheila" and greets her like a friend. The man heads inside the hospital, and the camera snaps to over his shoulder, facing behind can see his gleefully walking as Ms. Sheila is seen....keeling over and collapsing onto the pavement in front of the hospital.

The movie follows this guy and he ends up in Room R-221 with a person named Harold Falts inside. Harold Falts calls our guy "Kaleb Hassiem" and they chat next to each other. The movie cuts to the night, they're having supper together, and a doctor comes into the room, telling the men to not stay for much longer. Kaleb and Harold are confused by this statement and ask "What do you mean, Doc?". The doctor is then seen walking away, carting away the body of Ms. Sheila.

Her face is...horrifyingly deformed, with her arms, bent unnaturally...her mouth is an ocean of blood...Kaleb catches a glimpse of Ms. Sheila and also notices her lower body is gone. Kaleb is utterly stunned and the camera zooms in on his expression and it then flashes a photo-negative image of Kaleb, smiling nervously with his gums...bleeding...his eyes, red and bloodshot...his eyes are pointing at the

My stepfather shuts off the movie and sleeps it off...he tells his friends about the recording and tries showing it to them...but the episode Something Smells plays normally. My stepfather looked at them confused, with complete confusion surrounding his ideas. His friends just chalks it up to be him having a problem with sleeping and they leave him alone.

May 14, 2002

My stepfather forgot about the horrors about the movie he witnessed and is in a jolly mood. He arrives at the sofa at 9:30...just before Spongebob starts...he watches it, and it's pretty normal...the video and audio slowly gets distorted...and it goes back to the 50's movie...shit. The movie begins not at the beginning, but the Middle-Eastern man from the beginning planting a bomb next to a building, threatening to tear it down, he waits next to the bomb, protecting it with his life. The police arrive and try to calm him down, but to no avail.

An arm...sets the bomb off, blowing up the Middle-Eastern man and he lands in front of a young policeman with the badge name Ahmed Fayez. The Middle-Eastern man is bleeding out of his mouth....his stomach below...gone...his arms are broken in all different places. The man cries in pain as the police try to call the hospital, desperately. Just then, the Middle-Eastern man's body...starts twitching violently..with blood being blown everywhere....his face turns from cries of pain into a maniacal smile...the man chants ( or from what one of his friends, a Kuwaiti man who understood the language ) "We will all die...every second...a person like you suffers the same fate as the rest of us..." and with that, the Middle-Eastern man lies on the ashpalt road...motionless.

The movie chants back to Kaleb...he's in his basement, with pictures and letters thumbtacked to a wall...Harold is with him as well, although in a wheelchair. They were at the events of the death of the Middle-Eastern man...they snagged a picture of the arm...the arm appeared...long a chicken's foot but demonic. A friend they call "Jug" is seen coming downstairs carrying a box of food that he quickly munches down. The 3 were hatching a plan to kill the monster they called "The Stalker".

The movie cuts to them in a parking lot, looking around for people. A group of 7 individuals shoot at them from behind a car, shooting Jug in the leg. The gunfire is silenced after a good 7 seconds...they look open...the men are standing...with all of their arms vanished and the bodies collapse onto the floor. Just then, The Stalker comes from behind the car, running towards Jug. As Kaleb and Harold rush away, unloading firearm hell onto the beast's face, the Stalker tortures Jug.

The Stalker digs his hand into Jug's gunshot wound...and tears open his fucking leg...Jug shrieks in fucking bloody horror as The Stalker starts ripping at his leg flesh...with chunks of meat flying everywhere. Jug's screams of terror continued as the thing starts tearing at him, skinning him alive. The monster smiles grows wider as Jug's last breath is caught...The monster turns to them, who's ran away by then, and races after them. Harold trips onto his stomach and the monster catches him...

The monster held Harold's head down and used it's hands to dig into his back, and rip out his fucking spinal cord. Harold screams are cut short to gasps of desperation as the monster covers Harold's spine blood onto it...Harold tries crawling away from him, but to sadly no avail. Harold's head is then grabbed, and subsequently crushed into a flat meatcake. The police arrive and tear down the monster with bullets, and it actually falls down like a rock.

4 days later, Kaleb is at the police station still scarred and shoken...Policeman Ahmed Fayez comes to him, telling him he'll be safe with the law. As the night goes by, weird noises are heard through his cell and the next morning, Kaleb vanished...the policemen searched 2 days for Kaleb until they saw him on Manitoulin Island on the Canadian side of Lake Huron...Kaleb was dead. His clothes has been stripped off his pale body, his stomach was torn open with all of his organs seen...birds flew to his corpse to get a meal...jesus fucking imagines nightmares. His eyes...pecked out of his sockets....Kaleb's face is frozen in horror.

Aftermath ( May 15, 2002-present)

My stepfather left Michigan the next day, and he never wants to touch on Spongebob's topic...ever again. I asked him, 19 years later, and not very once, has he ever showed anything related to Spongebob. I only knew this story from his friends, the Kuwaiti man and a man of British descent. I wanted to tell it because I always thought it was thing to point out. When my stepfather told the men the horrifying story...the Kuwaiti man...heard in despair and fear...the Kuwaiti man told my stepfather...that Ahmed Fayez guy in the story he was telling, was him. Ahmed goes over what happened at that time, during November 8, 1989. Ahmed told everything what was in the story...and the most terrifying part...who got the footage? It was movie did anyone get the fucking video...we may never know, I never heard of another case anywhere in the world...and to this day...who would know...