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"No, this can't be..."

Ever since I came out of that forest, I've began to have hallucinations of a mysterious entity every night. I was usually waken by someone knocking at my door. I watched in horror as the door opens, and there, the entity stood at my doorway. Everytime it happens, I always tell myself that it wasn't real and it was just only my imagination. But it wasn't. Every night, things became more and more scarier. It sometimes appeared at my mirror's reflection, sometimes it motioned its mouth like it was saying something but I couldn't hear it, sometimes it would just stare at me for like ten minutes and walk out of my room. The entity never stopped visiting me. I knew I wasn't only seeing things anymore, but what does it want from me? I never screamed when it comes, I only look at it in horror. The entity never harmed me though.

I can't remember a single memory of what had happened in that camping trip. A lot of memories from my past were erased too. No one told me about my past memories, they said that I would only get hurt. My mom always changed the subject when I asked about my memories, especially when it was about the camping trip. They said they found me unconscious that night in the forest with blood all over my body from bruises and wounds, my head was also bleeding a bit which we thought was the cause why I lost a lot of memories. The doctor said that it was too minor to have a condition to forget like that though. I wonder, what happened to me? I heard from police and some students in our school that few corpses of my classmates were found in that forest, all were stabbed, one was missing, the police identified that a serial killer had done those. From that day on, the forest was prohibited for everyones' safety, the police continued to investigate for the missing child, and what might had truly happened.

The entity didn't stop visiting me. I asked what it wants from me but I couldn't hear its answer, it stared at me with tears in its eyes. The entity always appeared as burned body of what seemed like a child. Its eyes always looked to be begging something from me which I couldn't identify. I wanted it to leave me alone but it never did. I always prayed for its soul to rest in peace, but it didn't work. I mostly dreamed at night about a boy of what seemed to be the my age, being burned alive as his eyes were full of sadness. Sometimes, I would dream about blurred images about children being killed mercilessly by an unknown. I knew that it was connected to the incident that had happened in the forest, I felt it was. I decided to go to the forest after school. I saw a lot of guards around and decided that it might be best to go there at night. I sneaked out of our house and headed to the forest. I didn't really cared if a serial killer might be waiting for me, I wanted to know the truth as the dreams kept telling me to, that was what I felt. There was something really important I needed to know. When I found an opening, I managed to go inside almost caught, I was only lucky that the other guard called him. I knew the forest very well that I felt I wouldn't get lost even without marking trees by ribbons or tapes, stuffs like that, what was in my mind was that I might only be caught if I do that. I didn't used the flashlight I brought, instead, I used a camera which can see in the dark so that no one could caught me because of a strong light source from me. As I walked deeper in the woods, I caught a glimpse of something as I turned my camera to my left. It was gone when I looked back to the spot where I saw it. Then, I heard whispers, whispers that made me felt like following. I almost screamed when a light almost hit me, "Of course there should be guards patrolling inside too." I thought to myself. The whispers stopped when I came into a familiar place, the place I always saw in my dreams of where the boy was burned alive mercilessly, the place was close to a small body of water. I remembered everything. I was the one who killed him. I killed him because I love him. He's my best friend. I remembered every memories we spent, every moments we cherish. He told me to let him go, that was our only choice, I didn't want him to suffer more. I cried so hard and let him go as he fell into the burning water where the gasoline was spilled by that monster. I couldn't do anything but watched as he burned into the fire smiling with tears falling from his eyes as he hugged the monster so that it won't be able to escape. I passed out after that. That monster... It killed my best friend, my classmates, and nearly killed me. If it wasn't for my best friend, I could have been killed too, and more children might have. I don't know where that monster came from, but he devoured many children's souls. Its original appearance was tall, shadow body with white eyes that can resemble people's appearances and voices. It resembled my best friend, but I knew it was the devil who only wanted me to have mercy on to save as it was being burned with my best friend, my only friend. I remembered, he told me to say something to his mother before we let go, "Ivy, tell mom that I love her, and that I'm going to be with my twin in a happy place." Tears fell from our eyes, I promised to him.

I told the police where my best friend's body would be. Mom scolded me of course for going outside alone without permission and went to the prohibited forest, but she hugged me with such relief that her daughter was safe. My burned best friend's body was found. I cried so hard in my mom's arms as my best friend's mother cried and fell in front of his dead body. No other bodies were found, his twin's soul came to heaven already, that was what I felt. Whoever made his twin went to evil, I felt that it was gone too. His twin already died several years ago. I slowly went towards his mother and hugged her, saying the words I promised to tell his mom before he died, without explaining the full dark tragedy that had happened. The night that day, he knocked at my door and I let him in. He looked the same as the best friend I used to know. He was wearing his favorite green hoodie he loves to wear, big round glasses, his warm smile he always had. The best friend who used to be so clumsy and always got into accidents, but always smiles at the end to tell he was okay. I fell on my knees and cried, I kept crying. He crouched in front of me and asked, "Why are you crying?" he smiled when I looked at him.

"You died, of course I will cry silly. You are my best friend, and you died because of me. I killed you, but why are you smiling?!"

"It wasn't your fault. You did not kill me. No one wanted that to happen. And I could never forgive myself if you die too because of me, because of my sins. You did what was right, you prevented it to cause more deaths to children."

"I want to be with you..."

"No, you can't. Not yet. How about your mom?"

"Will you stay then. Will you always be here with me?"

"I will always be in your heart wherever I am and wherever you are. You will always be in mine too. One day we could see each other again, but now is not the right time yet. Will you promise me that you will continue to live?"

"I promise..."

He tried to hug me, I felt warm wind. He walked outside my room and smiled one last time before he closed the door. That night, I dreamed about him smiling, with the other children who died. I know that he is happy on wherever he is right now. I will never forget our memories. The next night, I was in my room changing my bed, someone knocked at my door, "Sweetie, may I come in?" It was my mom's voice. "Yes mom!" I replied, the door opened gently and mom came inside, she hugged me. "How was your day today sweetie?" she asked, "My day was okay mom!" I smiled and hugged her more tightly. I realized something... My mom didn't have any reflection at the mirror behind her. "You think it was all over?" An obscure voice came from the person who I was hugging. It wasn't my mom.