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So, hey. My name's Otso. Otso Nurmi. I live in some sleazy suburb in Helsinki where I currently have the tape showing an alternate angle of Henri Toivonen's death. And since I am a motorsports enthusiast, I just had to have it. Now that I have this tape, I wish I destroyed it the moment I got it in on my doorstep and leave it forever buried in the sand of time.

A little background first, since you probably don’t know who he is. Henri Paula Toivonen was a rally driver born in the Finnish town of Jyvaskyla on August 25, 1956. Years later, in 1986, during the Tour de Corse that season, his and his co-driver Sergio Cresto’s deaths brought about the end of the “golden age” of rallying as well as his supposed successor, Group S due to the controversy and death surrounding this set of regulations. I mean, that is what he's most known for unfourtunately. I can't imagine a fate worse than that.

There has been quite some controversy surrounding the death of Henri. Some say that a boulder hit his car, sending it careening off the road and into the trees, and most would agree that he took the corner too fast and couldn’t brake in time. But after some digging around, I found the truth. I don’t know if anyone will even care to read this, but I need to get this out before this gets forgotten about and never mentioned again. I know the real cause of Henri’s death.

Now, when the Tour de Corse took place, the flu swept through the drivers, and Toivonen was one of them. Despite this, he competed anyway, for if he didn’t, he would be kicked from Lancia and couldn’t compete with them again. You see, this period was the center stage for the greatest motorsport rivalry of all time: Audi and Lancia. Audi had their Quattro, while Lancia had their 037 before, then as the rivalry intensified, Audi upgraded so to speak their Quattro. Lancia, however, used another car entirely, the Delta. It was also upgraded and stylized to become the Delta S4 and S4 Integrale. It could beat the Quattro were it given more time…

Okay, here’s what you came here for. I got an email offer from someone about another, alternate angle of Henri’s death. This person, who was anonymous since they contacted me with an untraceable email, was offering a video clip showing unseen footage of Henri’s tragic end to anyone who would contact them in the motorsport forum I frequented, and they even left a phone number, too. For some reason, I can’t recall if that number is still active, and for all I care I hope it isn’t anymore. Anyways, I called it and someone picked up.

“Hello?” I said into the phone.

“Are you calling about the video I have?” a voice said back. It sounded… I don’t know, distorted. Like he was calling through an audio mixer.

“Yes. Are you offering a price on it?” I replied.

“No, just give me your address and I’ll ship it.”

With that I gave him my address and he confirmed that it was on the way. Before he hung up, he told me that it would arrive within a week and I might not like what I see. I couldn’t get a word in before he hung up on me. I might not like what I see? What the hell was he talking about? Whatever it was, I would have a week until I found out. And during that time, I was thinking long and hard about that decision. That could may as well be a stupid act, give my address to some rando on the Internet who could give me... something else in the PO box. Maybe I should've gave them that instead. But it was too late now. The wacko had my address, and I was about to have his tape in exchange.

So the package arrived but it was in an unmarked box. Not even postage tags on it or anything, just a simple cardboard box with an unmarked VHS inside of it. Luckily for me I had a VCR collecting dust for the past 20 or so years, so I got that out and plugged it into my TV. What I saw on that VHS will haunt me forever…

It started off with static for 3 seconds, then stabilized to a helicopter view or something of Henri’s car zooming down that mountain road. And right when he got to that corner, I saw… something, hit his car. Remember that boulder I mentioned earlier? That damn thing didn’t look like a boulder to me. It looked like a large round object that had the shape and color of a boulder came to Henri’s car, picked it up and just went up really fast into the sky. The camera cut off several seconds after the flames ignited.

If there’s one way I can describe that creature, it would be extraterrestrial. It moved like it was flying around, disregarding the very concept of gravity itself. I’m telling you all right now, that was not a boulder, and that never will be a boulder. No rock can do something like that, pick up a car and dump it off the side of the cliff.

I tried contacting the guy that gave it to me through email, but like I said, it was untraceable and the phone number doesn’t give me anything either. I could only assume the guy was part of that helicopter crew when Henri and his co-driver were killed by that… thing. That cover story of him going too fast into that corner must be pretty effective. Which reminds me… I am going to Corsica tomorrow, as I have friends that live there. I told them about the tape, and what I saw. They told me that the creature lives on cliffs and often disguises itself as a boulder. And the mythos even says that it fed off of the grapes and cattle and came from the heavens in 1366 according to the locals.