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My day started as any day.

I got up, brushed out my hair and brushed my teeth, then I went to have breakfast. I made some toast with honey. I drank some tea, and went to work.

After a few hours, I came back home. I was tired walking up the stairs to the seventh floor where my apartment is, but I thankfully made it.

I fumbled with my bag, trying to find my key. "Got it!" I held it up like some sort of trophy. I put the key in to the lock and turned it. Click. The door was open.

I opened the door, looking at my apartment. I closed the door behind me. I quickly got out my phone to check the time. It was eleven past two, and I was hungry. I also noticed that my phone was at thirty-one percent.

I looked in the kitchen, not remembering whether I left it tidy or messy. Nope, it was okay, with two cups of tea.

I went to my computer, turned it on and typed in the password. I also put the phone to charge. Thirty-five percent now.

I just realized something. I whipped my head around, looking at the two cups of tea again in the kitchen.

I slowly walked up to them. On one of the cups there was a note. "See you soon."

I smiled. I thought that my boyfriend, Brandon, had come in and made these cups and left.

My body stiffened. Brandon has work during two PM. The cups are steaming hot.

Check the title.