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I'm in a rush as I need to go to the hospital, but I can't let this go unknown as there's bound to be a cover-up. To put it simply, I'm a pot farmer. No, I don't grow and groom the plants. I'm just the guy who dries the plants and gathers buds from the batch. It's relatively simple to do, and I get decent compensation for my part in curing. I'm in California, so I'm not doing anything illegal. I'm helping cancer and AIDS patients get the natural medicine they need for pain and those lacking appetite.

Now to the reason I'm putting this down. I recently obtained a crop that had... complications. I noticed a strange, purple fuzz growing on one of the stems. It looked like bud rot, but... dear God it stank like sulfur!


Thinking it was only one, I discarded the tainted stem. But I quickly found more growing on other buds. One plant was covered on the whole backside, for God's sake!

I tossed the entire crop, quickly emailing the harvester that there were major problems with his plants. I'm still waiting for his response, but it'll have to wait. The purple fuzz is growing on my wrist, like its springing from my pores. It's starting to smell, and washing doesn't help. Please, please tell me what I've gotten into. It's spreading up again. What do I do?