"I Was Born on a Farm" Creepypasta Wikia Creepy Story

"I Was Born on a Farm" Creepypasta Wikia Creepy Story

I was born on a farm, but I never saw the sky. I have no memory of my mother or father.

I remember a warm place with other children my age. I know they moved me from there to Hell. It was dark and vast and so crowded that I couldn’t move. We drowned in shit and piss, and it stank beyond belief. The stench of the ammonia burned my eyes and throat. I had to fight to get to what they called food.

Some went insane and started kicking and biting for no reason, except spending their entire life in suffering and terror. Huge demons came in to torture us. I tried to stay quiet and hide in the back. My luck ran out, and one of the monsters grabbed me. When I struggled to get free, he kicked me with his giant foot, leaving me stunned and helpless.

The devils cut my toes off and mutilated my face. I heard and felt my bones smash. Nothing took the pain away. Then they threw me back in the pits.

I could barely walk after that. Being hobbled was terrifying in the netherworld. If you fell, you would be trampled. I tried to be careful, but I got trapped in the chow line and broke a leg. Nobody cared anymore. Our minds were all shattered.

"I was Born On A Farm" - CreepyPasta

"I was Born On A Farm" - CreepyPasta

One day, the demons attacked in force. They grabbed us and crammed us into small cages. We tried to escape, but nobody made it. They imprisoned me with two of my friends. None of us had been outside or breathed fresh air before. Everyone gabbed at once. Everything we saw was new and astonishing. We were happy, excited and sure we had been redeemed and would now live free.

We relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine until the whole world came to an end with a terrifying crash. My two friends died. Why? What had happened? What did it mean?

The monsters separated the living from the dead and packed the survivors into different cages. What would happen next?

We were hungry and thirsty when we finally stopped. We cried for water, but none was brought. The monsters unloaded our crates. They hung us by our feet. My good leg broke. I was being pulled apart. They ran us through a murder machine. It sliced the throats of everyone ahead of me, but I lived. I sagged too low, and it only cut my chest. I was bleeding and in pain but I was still alive, and when there is life there is hope. That hope of a new life was dashed moments later, as we were all forced into a deep pool of scalding hot water. I screamed in agony, but the demons didn't listen. I thrashed and tried to escape until the hot water flooded my lungs.

I am your Thanksgiving turkey.

Written by DrBobSmith
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