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Author's note: This is the first poem I have posted on this website. 'Sepia' is a color, similar to brown, for those who want to know!

I went into the woods today,
Just for a pleasant stroll,
No one was there, to my dismay,
Not even one lone soul.

I went into the woods today,
The trees blocked out the light.
For peace, ‘twas a small price to pay,
To lose the gift of sight.

I went into the woods today,
I felt a sense of dread.
Afraid of what? I could not say;
I could not go ahead.

I went into the woods today,
The shadows closing in.
Trapped in by convoluting grey,
Plaguing my pale skin.

I went into the woods today,
Something moved up ahead.
I quickly turned to back away,
The path seemed to stop dead.

I went into the woods today,
I can not see the end.
How do I get out? Where, which way!?!
My vision starts to bend.

Where am I going? I can’t see!
My courage is unfound.
My conscious mind is flying free,
My body meets the ground.

The woods around me never end.
A ceaseless sea of sepia,
With some green, and yellow and red,
I feel sleepier.

I feel something is dragging me,
My back and bottom hurt.
I dare not look upward and see,
Whatever holds my shirt...

I try to scream. ‘Help!’ I declare,
I try to wriggle free!
But all the while, far too scared
To crane my neck and see.

Now it lets go, and I just run
My legs slower than time.
And soon enough, I’m caught and spun,
As it extends its spine.

It’s eight feet tall quite easily,
Its skin is black as night.
It spreads its mouth wide, evilly...
My body’s full of fright.

It stares down with its soulless eyes,
And I can breathe no more.
My parents filled me with their lies,
“No fiends behind this door!”

It grabs me with its skinny hand.
Again I’m being hauled,
My lungs quickly shrink and expand.
In fear of the beast tall.

I went into the woods today,
I found a pretty spot,
And when I turned to walk away,
I found that I could not.

I went into the woods today,
And then I heard a shout.
“That sounded quite like me,” I say,
I did not come back out.