Leather bound book

Feed me all the answers

Bleach my brain and birth me again

Teach me

Give me everything that you know

I’ll assume what you don’t

Use me

My body is your vessel

I will use you

This nonsensical Necronomicon

To nurture and to nullify

As I see fit

Guide me along the winding road of life

I believe

In the plagues descended upon the sinful

Creatures saved from devastation

As I sit with my own life in ruin

I will whisper

I believe

I have sinned many times without number

And I will be forced to do it once again

No matter how great the number

You will tell me that you forgive

Forgive me for my voice

For speaking out of turn

Vanquish my vile vitriol

Forgive me for my thoughts



No matter the path

I follow from now on

I will be whispering

I believe

Written by TetsuyaH
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