Am I even alive? I can’t be sure anymore. It seemed like it was yesterday. Or was it yesterday? Why can’t I remember? No, I was with my team.

Who were they? Umm… Oh right! I was with Dr. Fox, Dr. Bones, and Dr. Lee. We are (or were?) an archeology team.

What were we looking for? Wait, was it that idol? I remember getting it, but what happened? Barry? Scarlet? Where could they be? I see them now.

They are running. Away from what though? Dr. Lee, what are they-? Oh… dear Lord… what are those things?! Karma follow me! Karma?! Oh no, they have her! I have to run… Just keep running. What were those things?

I’m in some kind of temple now and… Jesus, they are chasing me! Oh no, I’m falling off of the bridge! At least now it’s over. Wait… Why am I running again!? Their grotesque, pale, skeletal faces and dark fur are all I see behind me. No matter how many times I commit suicide by jumping off, they come after me.

When they do manage to catch me, they make me relive the horrible pain of being devoured alive over and over again.

I have to get out of here. Why is there no way out?

Why can’t I stop running?!!

Written by NeveRsLeePwitHme
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