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Ever since I was young, I've always been fairly interested in the way people think and how people make their decisions. But the type of people that I had always held great interest for was the depressed people, or more specifically, the suicidal people.

What really drives them to kill themselves? Is it their depression? Is it from extreme levels of stress? Or is there some sort of external influence, perhaps an influence so subtle people generally don't notice them? The possibilities are endless and I've recently embarked on a fact-finding mission of sorts to get a greater insight behind suicides.

After hours of interviewing numerous depressed, suicidal people, I made a slight breakthrough whilst reviewing one of the tapes during the interview of a particularly disturbed lady. She displayed all the usual symptoms of any depressed person, but what caught my attention was actually during one of her frequent lapses of silence.

She would tilt her head to her left, always to the same side and her eyebrows would furrow slightly, almost as if she were concentrating on something. During this time, she would completely ignore me.

What was even more baffling was the almost invisible, dark figure hovering behind her.

I swear I saw no such thing during the interview.

Judging from her actions, it was almost as if she was communicating with it, or more specifically, listening to it.

This same odd incident was apparent in only a couple other patients, both also from the same hospital as the first woman. It was baffling- I couldn't find any reasonable explanation for this.

Puzzled but intrigued, I called up the hospital, only to realize that the three patients had committed suicide the night after the interviews had occurred. The methods of death were the same- all three had jumped out of their windows.

Up till today, I still have no logical explanation for the mysterious dark figures- were these ghosts or just a trick of the camera? Were the deaths a result of what these figures had said?

And finally- are our decisions based solely on ourselves, or are we unknowingly being influenced by unseen forces among us?

That, is the real question.

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