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The only known picture of the "hotel".

Hello, I am currently hiding in the basement of this so-called hotel. I am at the moment in danger of getting attacked by... whatever those things are. I have little time left here. I might be found soon by those entities.

It all began when I was looking for a hotel to reside temporarily in. About 2 weeks. I found one not too far away from Ohio. It was called the ████████. I took an uber there and arrived. Everything seemed normal, it looked like your average luxury hotel. Kind staff and strangely polite people. I got my card to enter my room. It was pretty cozy, large TV, a king-sized bed and a selection of drinks to choose from. I made myself at home and got some rest.

After a while, I woke up after a 2 hour long nap and went outside. I ate at a fancy restaurant which was extremely crowded and very loud. After spending some time there, talking with the ladies and eating. I returned to the hotel. Oh I can hear them getting closer- Anyway, I went to my room and found muddy footsteps on the floor. I didn't mention this, but it was rainy outside. Very rainy. I then scanned the toilet and the bedroom for anyone and didn't manage to find anyone. Either way, it was 8:30PM so I went to sleep.

It was midnight, when I woke up to some loud sounds coming from below me. It sounded like screeching from the floor below me. It was pretty weird, was someone watching a horror movie at 2:00AM? It was either that or something strange was going on down there, but I went with option 2 and tried to sleep. It was at that horrifying moment that I saw a bright light coming out of the large wardrobe next to my bed. I immediately turned to look at it, and I saw nothing. As you can tell, I was terrified and stood up to see what that was. Biggest mistake of my life? Heh, probably.

I stood up, walked over to the wardrobe, and I opened it. A tall entity stood in front of me, with large, glowing red eyes, extremely sharp nails and a huge mouth with pointy, sharp teeth. They were very bloody. I immediately jumped and ran out, it was coming after me extremely fast, I took to the stairs and fell down. It was absolute panic. A huge monster chasing me down the stairs? It was horrifying. I finally reached the basement and locked the door. It tried to open the door by force. In the end, it did, fortunately I was fast enough to hide in a small room that was filled with boxes and crates. I peeked out of the door and I spotted four of those monsters. Above me, I could hear screaming and even more screeching. I then saw a monster dragging a body down the stairs. They then began slashing the organs out of him and slowly eating them. They made laughing sounds while doing so. I sneaked out of the room when one of them spotted me. I ran as fast I could and found myself in a long corridor, I fell down and dragged myself to a room on the left... Or was it right? Oh damn- They are close. And that is the room I am stuck in. I don't know what to do. They are searching room by room. Trying to find me. I need-fs-

End of document. It's a mystery what happened to him.