My insides felt hot.

The room temperature was as low as it could get; yet my body felt otherwise. It was as if my body hadn't yet recovered from the ecstasy that it had gone through the night before.

It was a night of passion and desire, sinful and dominated with lust.

The burning sensation still lingered on my skin as if the touches never went away. I could feel it crawl along my arms, slide down my spine and trace the curves of my form, claiming me, taking every breath away with the slightest of contact.

I could remember the heat of his body against my own, scorching hot as it weighed down on me with every movement. The smell of his skin, his sweat and his breath still hang around the room. It was like he had never left.

Closing my eyes, I could imagine myself on the bed with him on top of me, staring at me as if I were the most beautiful person that he'd ever seen in his entire life. He was the only one who ever looked at me that way. I felt so blessed, like the heaven itself was smiling down upon me.

His voice was a Siren's song that I could never turn away from. It rang in my ears repeatedly, calling out my name and sending shivers down my spine whenever it came out in huffs and gasps.

I could never forget every detail of his existence. It was like I was still living that moment, that night when we became one. He was mine and I was his; we were one.

He was inside me.

It had never felt so good.

But as I chewed on the meat in my mouth, I realized him being inside me this way felt more satisfying. He tasted better this way as well.

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