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Inspiration can be tricky. It cannot be defined, yet is the source of almost every story written. There are ways to inspire yourself, placing your mind in the right position to be most receptive to new ideas. What most people do not realise is that there are one or two other, more artificial ways to inspire yourself.

There is a ritual that can be performed. Most who know of it will stress the importance of the time of the year and of incantations that need to be read aloud, but these are unimportant.

It requires blood, as often the oldest ways do. You must obtain the blood of someone, and specifically it must be blood from a wound that killed them. You must drink this blood whilst writing. For every sample of blood that you collect in this fashion, you will receive inspiration to write one story. These stories will literally be about anything.

Things that could happen, or even have happened.

Things that wouldn't, or shouldn't, happen.

There is one catch.

After the first couple of stories, you will feel a new inspiration that cannot be dampened.

And you will begin to write.

And before you know what you are doing

You will be typing an admission of guilt

Telling everyone what you have done

The crimes you have committed

The blood

The old man near death..

The mother-to-be.

That poor child...

Oh dear God no.

Written by The Silicon Lemming 
Content is available under CC BY-SA