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The following is an interview with the daughter of the infamous serial killer Sonny Sanderson, the Lewisville Slasher. The following may contain graphic details of two victims, a disturbed 10 year old girl, and descriptions of murder. Please continue with caution.

Officer Sillina: Hey there, little Josie. How are you holding up after your father was arrested?

Josie: I've been okay. When can I see my papa? We haven't finished our projects yet.

Officer Sillina: Pr-Projects? What projects are you talking about?

Josie: He had lots of projects planned out for us. Mommy was going to be the last one, but she was hiding. I don't understand why she hid though...Papa wanted her to be the best, but she hid underground. We danced there to let her know that we knew where she was.

Officer Sillina: danced...there? Why?

Josie: To let her know that we know where she is...

Officer Sillina: …

Josie: I want crayons. Can I have crayons?

Officer Sillina: Yes, of course. Give me a minute.

*20 minutes later*

Officer Sillina: Will markers do? I couldn't find any crayons.

Josie: I like markers. Crayons are good, but markers are nice too.

Officer Sillina: Here's some paper. Do you want some food, or any kind of drink?

Josie: Hot cocoa, if that's okay. I like hot chocolate. It's like Christmas with Papa when I have some.

Officer Sillina: Alright. You can draw while I get you some.

*12 minutes later*

Josie: Wanna see my drawing? Papa calls Mommy's hiding spot a gr...grape? Grase? I don't know.

Officer Sillina: Okay. Here's your hot ch-

Josie Drawing

Officer Sillina: Wh-what is this?

Josie: Papa and I dancing, letting Mommy know that we know where she is.

Officer Sillina: I...I...

Josie: I remember the first project. Her name was Charlotte, but she preferred Charlie. Isn't that silly? A girl who had a boy's name for a nickname. I remember her screams, her pink strings being pulled out and made into bows. She was a beautiful project. I wish I got to help with her, but I was too little.

Officer Sillina: C...can you tell me about more projects, J-Josie?

Josie: My favorite project was that little five year old...I think her name was Denise. Papa showed me how to remove her hair with her skin. We laughed as she screamed, the red milk getting all over my dress. I was sad, since it was my favorite dress. We had to burn our clothes after that. Papa said that loose ends always have to be tied up.

Officer Sillina: I-I see. Are there any projects that we don't know about? Maybe we can let the world know about them.

Josie: There was this stupid teenager we tried, but he wasn't being nice to me, and it made Papa mad. He took my baseball bat and bashed his head in until pinkish stuff came out. The teen's face was all mushy and gross, and we put him in a big garbage bag and buried him behind the shed in the woods.

Officer Sillina: Thank you, Josie. I hope you enjoy your cocoa. I have to attend to some business, so make yourself comfy while I go, okay?

Josie: Okay. Bye bye.

The following day, the police did a full search of Sonny's home and discovered not one, but seven bodies buried behind a small shed, where many implements of torture and sadism were found, tacking an additional 21 years to Mr. Sanderson's already lifelong sentence. When he was questioned, he only smiled and said, "Congrats, little mice. You found the rest. I appreciate it. I was wondering when you were going to find them. I was filled with anticipation when you both came in. I thank you."