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Hi guys! This is my first creepypasta so feel free to correct me on any mistakes as there will be a lot. Also, let me know what I can do to improve in the future, now with that said, lets start the story.

This has been going on for way too long now. This... girl... follows me everywhere I go. She has long, black hair, she's very pale and wears a long, stained white dress. And the thing that creeps me out the most other than her stalker behaviour is that whenever I close my eyes to go to sleep, she starts to cry. Nobody seems to notice her though, I don't like that. It's weird. My parents are considering taking me to therapy because whenever I scream at the girl to go away, they just see me screaming at a wall. Everyone thinks I'm going crazy, I'm losing friends, my mind, this girl is going to be the cause of my insanity. I need to find a way to stop her. I was at school today and I got detention for "getting distracted too much in class" It's so annoying. I hate this girl or whatever she is because she is NOT human. No human would go this far to destroy a life.

My dog just went missing. She wasn't in the house or the garden when I got home from school. How am I going to tell my parents that our pet is gone? I'm going to search around the neighbourhood to find her. There is this weird pile of dirt in our back yard, I don't think the dog will be in there since she doesn't go that far into the yard. Don't worry Dolly, I'll find you. I found a note on my bed. It seems like a goodbye note, I read a little bit and it said this,

"Dear mom and dad, I'm sorry that I have let you down. I feel like I am just getting in the way and bothering you. I'm going to run far, far away. I'm crying so much right now. I'm sorry,

from, Isabelle"

It was a short letter, written by a 5 year old, I think. I went in the backyard and dug up the massive pile of dirt, I'm scared and upset. This girl really just mutilated my dog. I can't believe this. I'm going to sit in my room all week and cry. I just don't know what to do... there is one option that I have that I don't want to do...

It's been two weeks... I'm hearing screaming in the basement. I just went into the basement and witnessed my own mum stabbing my dad to death. I asked my mum, "Why are you killing dad?" With her back turned, her head turned towards me, nothing else moved, her eyes as black as night, she said, "I just wanted to play" and then she stabbed herself. I ran away crying, I called every number in my contacts, nobody picked up. I feel like this girl is just... I don't know.

It's been a month since my parents died. Me and Isabelle are friends now. I trust her and will do anything she says, she told me to hang myself, I might just do it. Anything for my new friend.