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Welcome to Island_115, where the most magical and interesting dreams of pure fun, fun, FUN, FUN, F

We may be in the middle of the lovely, mysterious Atlantic, but we still know how to par-tay! Don't take it from me, though, just look at these reviews from -{former}- customers who visited Island_115  !!!

-Gary L. Jefferson(Twitter post, 2019)

THIS POST HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN DUE TO INSECURE CONTENT OR IMAGES. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIEN I believe this place should be on the top of any thrill-seeker's bucket list, and it burns. Oh good God, It burns. #IslandofParadise

-Linda B. Morris(Facebook post, 2015)

This content does not correspond to our Post Guidelines and Safety Precautions. For this reason, we have had this post deleted to prevent any Can't wait to come back again!!! #LoveTheIsland #IslandAmusementParkAndResort please send help, they cut my legs and burnt my eyes out

-Unknown User(Instagram Post, 2021)

THEY LIED. They Have Exciting stuff that is sure to make You feel Like you belong here. the Island and its Employees are so Downright awesome and







No more, please no more i cant take this pain anymore why are you doing this what are you stop no stop it burns it BURNS OH GOD BURNS IT IT BURNS

Don't let these patrons soak up all the fun, though! Join us in a boat(and Island)-load of fun, fun, FUN, F

Join the fun! go to [THIS LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED FOR YOUR OWN] and get your ability to be an innocent, helpless, naive kid again!