It was a long ride, but after a while, we had finally pulled into my uncle’s stone driveway. I hugged my father and waved goodbye to my brother, who was clearly holding back tears. They were my family. It was hard to see them go and I'm sure the feeling was mutual. Though, for what it was worth, my uncle’s house was more delightful than I could have ever imagined.

My uncle came out, happy to greet me inside. I turned around, surprised to see my father hadn't even stayed for my welcome. I guess it hurt too much.

I made my way into his house, defined by its dark red exterior, and gray sequential interior. His curtains were patterned with vivid colors, but the rest of the house wasn't lucky enough to be held to such a standard.

He led me upstairs to my new room. It strayed from the rest of the house, with its pink, girly interior. The room beside it didn't seem much different. It made sense though, as he had two daughters. I presumed my room must have been his youngest daughter's before I arrived.

I set my luggage and the rest of my belongings neatly in front of the closet, which was located adjacent to the door. On the opposite end, there were two windows blocked with shades. While the room looked like something out of a little girl’s imagination, it was still nice to have a room of my own.

After I got a feel of my new room, my uncle invited me down to finish a movie in the living room with the girls. I was timid and not used to living in a new house. But as the movie went on, I had felt more at home than I had since I got there.

Not too long after, the movie ended and it was time to hit the sheets. I brushed my teeth, clothed myself in pjs, and headed towards my room. I closed my door after installing my globe nightlight and turned the lights off. I wished Uncle Henry goodnight from the comforts of my room, then proceeded to slide under my covers.

My head lied comfortably on my pillow, making an outline as it submerged into anywhere that seemed fit. Even as comfortable as I was, the once cutesy interior of the room was just unsettling in the darkness of night. So, I couldn't fall asleep.

I knew it was late and I needed to be well rested for online school tomorrow. But I wasn’t tired, and I was craving some good creepypasta before bed. I turned my head to the pile of pillows that lay to the left of my bed, pressed against the wall, for that's where I had last placed my laptop.

That's when I noticed something smelled of coal dust. There’s nothing in this room that should smell like that. It bothered me, so I turned off my night light thinking that would fix the problem. The smell probably came from the heat of the nightlight anyways. I thought I could just sleep it off, but that’s when I saw it.

It stared at me. One visible eye in its right socket. Its left socket held nothing but darkness. Its skin sagged off of its dangerously malnourished body. It was submerged in the pile of pillows my laptop was placed. I was paralyzed, and I couldn't move. Tears filled my eyes as it stared at me, and that’s when the unthinkable happened. It moved.

My heart stopped as it twitched. It stood up, grotesque body and all. With shadows that filled in every area that it lacked in. Its smell worsened as it stood up to its full extent. Now it smelt of coal dust and death. I knew I couldn't run past it. I was too scared to run past it.

It whistled as it neared. Frightened, I switched on my night light, allowing light to bleed through the little star openings. I held on to my nightlight, allowing it to do its magic. But the nightlight didn't stop it like I had hoped it would. So holding on to my nightlight, I waited for it to come close enough to try one last desperate plan. I threw my nightlight at the creature.

The globe nightlight shattered. It was unfazed and stood still by my side. It twisted its head, as if to get a better view of my body. Or at least that’s what it looked like to me. As it reached its misshapen arm towards me, I remember hearing commotion beyond my bedroom. That was when all of the commotion was validated. My uncle swung open the door, ran into the room, and turned on the lights. The creature, in shock, stared at my uncle before quickly distorting its body to fit inside my room's cluttered closet.

My uncle looked very understanding and said I should take my medicine. I didn't want the medicine. I didn't need the medicine. I explained this to him, but just like everybody else, he wouldn’t let it go. So my uncle and I argued, which I hated because I knew this is what it wanted. It always came and reared its ugly face just long enough to make me look crazy. Then it let everybody else handle the rest.

It creaked open my closet door and stared with its one bloodshot eye. I could hear it chuckling as I refused to take my medicine, but I won't take my medicine. I know it’s real, it's always there, it tortures me, and makes me look crazy.

I am not crazy.

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