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You jolt awake from your sleep, that feeling that you just fell through the floor gets to you, and your heart is still pounding from the spasm that disturbed you. You're still in your towel, you must've nodded off right after you came out the shower.

You feel disoriented, holding your head in your hands for a while before you shuffle over and glance down to your phone,

You pick it up, squinting as your eyes adjust to the light.

03:47 - You've only been asleep for about an hour.

You lay your head back down and momentarily close your eyes, but then you start to hear it, a rattling sound.

You get off of your bed and walk towards your door, grabbing the handle and gently pulling it towards you, you glance across the hallway.

You can just make out the silhouette of your bathroom door in the dark, just as you go to go back to bed you see the outline of the bathroom door as a faint light dimly flashes behind it.

Did you forget to close your bathroom window? because you didn't leave the light on.

You barge into the bathroom, the air is still thick and heavy with condensation and you check your window, it's closed.

Only an hour's sleep, your eyes heavy with bags and a semi-permanent scowl on your face.

You go to turn the light on, for a split-second the room is lit but then the bulb cuts out.

Within that split second you noticed something in the mirror, but it was fogged up from the condensation. You run across to your bedroom and grab your phone.

Suddenly you hear a thud.

You rush back into the bathroom, rub the fog off the mirror and shine your phone onto it.

But it's not you looking back.

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